• AnorMal


    Director Luis Galán - Country: Spain

    What is stressing us today? If we were a barefoot kid on the streets of St. Louis, what would matter? AnorMal is a sample of a journey towards poverty, with lights and sounds, that enables you to feel a reality that has nothing to do with ours.  

  • At night I walk

    At night I walk

    Director Helena Malak - Country: France

     Françoise and Helena meet for the first time and everything begins to unfold. Between them, there is a difference of 40 years and a wheelchair, which is almost nothing. During a cinematographic walk, they wonder how a fall changed their lifestyle? Standing up becomes a cry of life. 

  • Gulab Gul

    Gulab Gul

    Director Semih Sağman - Country: Turkey

    Gullab Gul is a boy living in a remote mountain village in Afghanistan. Giulab has had no hands since birth. Since his father died, 5 years ago he has been cared for by his uncle. At some point his uncle has to go to the city for business. How will Giulab be able to cope alone?  

  • Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day

    Director Ville Ilmari Seppänen - Country: Finland

    Happy Independence Day is a film about Helsinki citizens celebrating Finland's Independence Day on December 6, 2021. The film draws a portrait of the citizens of Helsinki during Finland's Independence Day in 2021. The film follows different groups, such as Antifa, the "let's close the border" torch relay, right-wing extremists, anarchists an...

  • Live-in



    A portrait of domestic work, as experienced by Georgian maids working in Greece. It explores the monotonous, demanding and invisible labor behind caring work and the isolation and insecurity experienced by women who have to work to serve others. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, with only one Sunday off.  

  • Smile of the mask

    Smile of the mask

    Director - Country: Iran

    This film is about a woman who has been the victim of an acid attack and her face is not normal. For this reason it is difficult for her to circulate in public. Due to Covid, she uses a mask with a smile photo, but now it's the mask she's smiling not her.    

  • The Coming Thing

    The Coming Thing

    Director Buğra Aslanyürek - Country: Turkey

    A grandfather, living with his grandchild, is desperately waiting for the "Coming Thing" .

  • Trash


    Director Eleftheria katsianou - Country: Greece

    The documentary follows Lefteris Giakoumakis, an artist of the city, on his own personal journey. Lefteris lives in Athens, paints on its garbage and wants to free himself both from the city and from what haunts him personally. As the cycle of painting in the trash comes to an end, Lefteris looks for other ways to redeem himself.  

  • Wherever home is

    Wherever home is

    Director Elen Nahapetyan - Country: Ireland

    An immigrant in Northern Ireland... Paul Manook. Born in Iraq, in a family of refugees, moved to Scotland, then Northern Ireland. Moving from one place to another, however, has never made him forget his cultural roots. But after all of this where is his home? That's the question that he needs to answer...


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