The Awards of 9th Peloponnisos Doc Film Festival

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After 12 days, during which Kalamata and 9 other cities of the Peloponnese were transformed into a cradle of culture and creativity, the 9th Peloponnese International Documentary Festival closed on Sunday, November 5, at the "Thodoros Angelopoulos" Amphitheater, Kalamata Labor Center. During the Closing Ceremony, which included, among other things, the screening of a short documentary, with live musical accompaniment by students, and a Piano Concert by the soloist Lola Tochiou, the Awards were given to the films selected by the Jury.

Equality Awards - Alexandra Skordakis"

With the Equality Award being renamed from this year to "Equality Award - Alexandra Skordakis", in memory of the good friend and collaborator of the Festival, champion of equality and role model of women's emancipation, the international jury consisting of directors Turi Finocchiaro and Nathalie Rossetti and model, Bonita Papastathi, presented the Awards:

  • Best Greek Film
    Obsessive Hours at the Topos of Reality by Rea Wallden “for the rigor with which the director approaches cinema, and for her honesty that corresponds to the radical side of her character. In a game of chiaroscuro, the creator gives voice to her mother, Antouanetta Angelidi, an honest and courageous artist in this strange cinematic journey of yesterday and today. Her confession puts us in the poetic universe of her films that follow her intentions and are the mirror of a powerful filmmaker."


  • Best Foreign Film

Destiny by Yaser Talebi, “A moving film that tenderly invites us into the close relationship between a young girl and her disabled father. The narration of each daily movement is transformed into a sign of love and the inner beauty of the two protagonists is seen even in their choices in life, towards each other, full of wisdom."


  • Special Mention

Sexual Healing by Elsbeth Fraanje "because she filmed the fear of love overcoming any prejudice, with a very touching relationship with the character we met through a camera with a tough and at the same time light aesthetic. This documentary allows us to change our perspective on diversity and try to overcome it with optimism and ultimately joy."


  • Special Mention

Maka directed by Elia Moutamid and written by Simone Brioni "The documentary by Italian director Elia Moutamid of Moroccan origin with humor and intelligence makes us question the way we talk and look at the world around us. It invites us to discover our other hidden self, through the life journey of Maka, the first black woman who did her doctorate in Italy and who effectively "earned" Italian citizenship".


Music Documentary Awards

The Awards of this year's tribute were given by a jury from the Ionian University, and consisting of Renata Dalianoudis (Associate professor, I.P.), Ioannis Giaslakiotis (undergraduate, Dept. of Audio and Visual Arts), Odyssea Kanellos (undergraduate, Dept. of Audio and Visual Arts) and Panagiotis Sdoukos (Ph.D., Department of Audio and Visual Arts)

  • Best Foreign Music Documentary

Kapr Code by Lucie Králová, "for the unconventional verbal storytelling done through opera, the amazing editing, the amazing music and the rare documentary archives it presented."

Kapr Code 1

  • Best Greek Music Documentary

Improvisations in Parallel Mode by Petros Kolotouros "for the amazing cinematography, the interesting soundscapes, and the originality of the non-verbal narration".

women fighters the triple liberation 1

Audience Awards

  • Best International Documentary Audience Award

Musicalement Autre by Nikolas Moussakis, "about the incredible journey of two exceptional musicians, in the struggle of Georges to get Jean-Pierre out of a period of 27 years of confinement in a psychiatric hospital and help him return to a "normal" life thanks to music" .

Musicalement Autre

  • Best Greek Documentary Audience Award

Women Fighters - Triple Liberation by Leonidas Vardaros, "for the presentation of women in the political and social struggles of the 20th century, the battle for survival, the road to prison, exile and the firing squad. Punished for their struggle for a better life, for their struggle against the conquerors, for their struggle for national independence and Democracy."

παράλληλοι αυτοσχεδιασμοί 1

Rea Wallden, Antouanetta Angelidi, Petros Kolotouros

ggjjΡέα Βαλντέν Αντουανέτα Αγγελίδη Πέτρος Κολοτούρος

Photos: Georgia Giovanna, Rebecca Varnali



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