Commemorating the 200th birthday of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the great tribute of the 7th Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival(P.I.D.F) has the theme Freedom. The 7th Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival will take place from 5 - 14 February 2021 online, and 18 June to 23 July 2021 live.
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Με την υποστήριξη

Co-production Invitation

The Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival signed a cooperation agreement with the Zinebi International Festival in Bilbao, Spain. Within the framework of this cooperation there is an invitation towards Basque and Greek directors/producers to seek co-production opportunities between the two countries in order to create a 90-minute modular documentary on the theme of this year's tribute "Claiming Freedom".

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