8th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival is on! Is back on 8-17 of April 2022 in Kalamata and 11 more cities in the Peloponnese. Including tributes, art exhibitions, educational programs, seminars, co-production initiatives and "Documentaries for everyone".
About the Festival

Screening program of the 8th Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival

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All films Documentaries ONLINE • Tribute: Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa • Tribute: Gender EqualityTribute: Natalie Halla


Seminars for university students, and school children. Making a documentary. Storylab.

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Masterclasses about light in the performing arts. Oral History.

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Special screenings, concerts.

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African Ritual Mask exhibition from the largest collection in Greece.

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Reetta Huhtanen

Reetta Huhtanen Gods of Molenbeek

Mary Bouli

Mary Bouli Go, Look, Listen

Meletis Miras

Meletis Miras Close to the Core

Denis Bojic

Denis Bojic Some New Broadway

Tamara Dawit

Tamara Dawit Finding Sally

Natalie Halla

Natalie Halla Children of the forest

Paola Calvo

Paola Calvo Luchadoras

Chloé Aicha Boro

Chloé Aicha Boro The Golden Wolf of Balolé


Kalamata ShortDocs

The main event takes place in Kalamata, Greece, every October. Special events, masterclasses, retrospectives, educational screenings, seminars and so on are part of the festival.
Films are presented to the public at monthly screenings when they are judged as "official selections" by a three-member jury and the audience chooses the winners. Monthly winners are considered to be "semi-finalists" for the annual event

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