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Creative Documentary Center

The Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata participates in the 9th tribute to Italian cinema cinema.it_2023 "THE ITALIAN CINEMA TRAVELS TO GREECE", a proposal of the AIAL Cultural Association carried out in collaboration with the Italian Educational Institute of Athens.

The festival holds its screenings in Greece within the framework of the Hellenic_Italian Cultural Cooperation Network with the support of the Federation of Film Clubs of Greece, and this year presents several films representative of the latest Italian production.

The program of the screenings:

 MONDAY 13/11 | NOTTI IN BIANCO, BACI A COLAZIONE by Francesco Mandelli, 2021 (90')

A family comedy with an ironic, original take on fatherhood. Matteo and Paola are a young couple with three daughters, three dogs, and two careers they are trying to pursue. Torn between the desire to be good parents and the drive to follow their own career dreams, the two leads represent current-day Italy.

MONDAY 20/11 | La Sindrome di Antonio by Claudio Rossi Massimi, 2016 (105’)

In September 1970, Antonio Soris, twenty years old and fervent ’68 activist, leaves Rome by his mother’s Cinquecento on the way to Athens. Few money in his pocket and so much lust of knowing the world. The destination is not picked by chance, Antonio follows Plato’s myth and he’s convinced -or at least, he hopes- that in Greece he will find Plato’s Cave of the shadows, the place of the knowledge.
A research trip, therefore, that won’t lead Antonio to the widely known Cave but will give him the chance to know and live the great love for a greek girl, named Maria.

MONDAY 4/12 | L’ombra del giorno by Giuseppe Piccioni, 2022 (122')

At the center of the film is a love story, against the backdrop of fascist Italy and racial laws.

FRIDAY 8/12 | Il Diritto alla Felicita by Claudio Rossi Massimi, 2021 (81')

Libero is a passionate second-hand bookseller while Essien is an immigrant young boy who’s been living in Italy for a while now. Their friendship runs along the lines of books, that is, those that Libero lends to Essien. Their complicity grows according to the emotions that such books give back to both of them.
Essien meets the West through literature, Libero gives true meaning to his name, “Free”, by making Essien a free man.
Life, with all its rules, will ultimately bring about a melancholy end, but nothing is lost where there’s complicity and love.

MONDAY 11/12 | Settembre by Giulia Louise Steigerwalt, 2022 (110’)

One day in September three characters realize that their lives are not what they dreamt of. Happiness is a distant idea, and yet, still possible. A collective tale that explores human relations, our deepest nature, the search for a more authentic contact between people.

FRIDAY 15/11 | AMORE POSTATOMICO by Vincenzo Caiazzo, 2022 (107’)

A girl creates a graphic novel about protecting bees from extinction.


All the screenings take place at Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata (Doc Cafe).

Languages: ITALIAN with GREEK subtitles






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