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Filmmaker Deng Wei’s grandfather Zuogui lives a life of bitter discontent toward his son Donggu, who is set on earning the respect not afforded him as a child. Donggu works as a property developer to provide his family with a good life, but when a job-site accident forces him into financial hardship, it prompts a re-examination of his priorities and values—one that may lead the father and son to finally form a bond of respect, perhaps even love. Set against the vast transformation and economic change within contemporary Chinese society, Wei’s quiet fly-on-the-wall cinematography captures the fraught relationship between his father and grandfather as they negotiate past resentments and an uncertain future.

  • Writers: Deng Wei
  • Producers: Deng Wei
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Deng Wei
  • Editor: Deng Wei
  • Awards

    Leipzig International Documentaryand Short Film Festival Leipzig October 26, 2021 European premiere Best Documentary Award - Golden Dove Germany DOXA Documentary Film Festival Vancouver May 6, 2021 North Amerrican Premiere Best Feature Documentary Award Canada Asian American International Film Festival New York August 22, 2021 U.S. premiere Emerging Director - Documentary Award 美国 Golden Horse Film Festival Taiwan November 8, 2020 Taiwan, China Golden Horse Film Festival (2020) ,Golden Horse Award [Nominee] Best Documentary

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