Peloponnisos Doc Festival

Creative Documentary Center

Kalamata Short Doc - Sep22

Saturday, 15 October 2022 - Saturday, 29 October 2022

New Venue Kalamata Creative Documentary Center
Κουτσομητόπουλου 6, Καλαμάτα
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Kalamata ShortDocs presents the films of September at its new location, 6 Koutsomitopoulou Street, in Kalamata.

  •  Angelik Kourounis

    The ghosts of Varosha

    Director   Angelik Kourounis - Country: Switzerland

    July 1974. Turkey invades Northern Cyprus in response to the nationalist coup that had tried to annex the island to Greece. The 44,000 inhabitants of Varosha fled from the approaching Turkish army. Since then the destroyed and looted city, surrounded by barbed wire, has become a ghost town. 47 years later access is again granted to the Forbid...

  • Perwiz Rostemi

    Seven Symphonies Of Zagros

    Director  Perwiz Rostemi - Country: Iran

    The documentary "Seven Zagros Symphonies" narrates the philosophy of seven Maqam musicians, the oldest wind instrument (Samsal) in the lives of the inhabitants of Zagros. The Seven Maqams tell the story using the monologue of an old man who spent 65 years of his life, playing the Shamshal (a Kurdish wind instrument). The story of the film is ...

  • Matt Richmond


    Director  Matt Richmond - Country: USA

    George Manias operates a shop specializing in shoe polishing for 76 years, since he escaped the Nazi occupation of Crete at the age of 14. Today, at 91, the loss of his sister Angela haunts him as he struggles to decide whether to retire and visit Crete again without Angela by his side.  

  • Victoria Garaeva


    Director  Victoria Garaeva - Country: Russia

    "Svet" is a film about faith, love, unity and the power of the human spirit during the siege of Leningrad. The central hero Svet Borisovich Tikhvinsky will tell us about the sufferings and struggles of the inhabitants of Leningrad, who despite the darkness that reigns in the world, are trying to strengthen the light power of their soul an...

  • Eko Fitri Yulyanto

    The Farmer

    Director  Eko Fitri Yulyanto - Country: Indonesia

    Baskoro tries to continue his life as an organic farmer in the fields he inherited from his grandfather. Knowledge of organic farming and memories of his grandfather become his strength to survive and be reborn as a farmer.

  • Pauline Blanchet

    Zuckerberg You Owe / Own Me

    Director  Pauline Blanchet - Country: United Kingdom

    A deep exploration into a personal Facebook video archive leads to the discovery of the internet's darkest historical roots. In an attempt to build a connection between personal data and digital infrastructure, this film questions how one can perceive the Internet as separate from his material world , and therefore, from himself.  

  • Piranga, the Silent Hero

    Director  Monica Veiga, Daniel Couto - Country: Brazil

    Intersecting the landscapes of Minas Gerais, the Piranga River flows, carrying with it a new mission that emerged after the Fundão dam collapsed, in Mariana city. To fulfill it, he needs to win the battles created by human action, which uses natural resources without worrying about the imbalance caused to the environment.

  • Alberto Flores Vilca

    Mamapara - Mother Rain

    Director  Alberto Flores Vilca - Country: Peru

    In the highlands of Peru, he lives with his dog, Honorata Vilca, an illiterate woman of Quechua descent, dedicated to selling sweets. As the rainy season begins, she recounts parts of her life, until one afternoon something fateful happens that seems to be able to make even the skies cry.

  • Tariq Tofiq Qadir

    13th of May

    Director  Tariq Tofiq Qadir - Country: Iraq

    The first demonstrations against the Ba'athist regime in Iraq began in Halabja in 1995. The inhabitants of Halabja were able to expel the Ba'ath regime from their city for 72 hours, but no one heard the cry of the people of Halabja, as a result many people were killed in complete silence and buried alive. Perhaps Halabja paid the price for he...

  • Max Ploeg

    Hero on paper

    Director  Max Ploeg - Country: Netherlands

    The 41-year old receptionist and parttime Lucky Luke imitator Rutger is overshadowed by his alter-ego, the cowboy that shoots faster than his shadow. In an attempt to become a comic-book hero he confronts the disappointments of daily life by drawing a cartoon with himself as the main character. With enough imagination we are all comic-book he...

  • Sofia Salpisti

    To my dear father, I love you

    Director  Sofia Salpisti - Country: Greece

    An afternoon, with daily habits and philosophical discussions. The film is a portrait of my father, with his habits, thoughts and interests. Reflections on death, history and faith take part in this portrait, which tries to dive into the subconscious of the human mind.

  • Laboratory NO.2

    Director  Edris Abdi - Country: Iraq

    The Documentary Workshop No. 2 is the story of an elderly man who has been working in the autopsy department of the Sulaimaniyah University of Medical Sciences for 14 years. For these 14 years he has been working on corpses. He eventually decides to retire.   


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