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Kalamata Short Doc - Aug22

Saturday, 03 September 2022

Kalamata Creative Documentary Center
Mpenaki 11, Kalamata
Phone: 2721022376

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We present the official selections of short documentaries from the Kalamata International Short Documentary Festival for August 2022! A screening will take place on Saturday, September 3 at the Kalamata Creative Documentary Center

  • Game Over

    Director  Saeed Mayahy Miriam Carlsen - Country: Turkey

    “Game Over” tells the story of a diverse group of illegal Afghan youngsters, who have been left with no choice, but to leave their homes and families behind, to flee as teenagers to a foreign country. The film follows their life in Zeytinburnu, an Afghan diaspora in Turkey, where they do not speak the language and must live underground, hidin...

  • Mika Koskinen

    Letters to Parkkimäentie

    Director  Mika Koskinen - Country: Finland

    And the greatest of these is love.The letters of the director's grandfather and grandmother from the 1940s and the grandmother's diaries from the 2000s are the subject of a conversation that goes back decades. Time passes and in the end there is only one left with endless longing, but grateful for the life they have lived.  

  • Kevin Mannens

    Malpelo: Mountain of Sharks

    Director  Kevin Mannens - Country: USA

    Days away from the closest land, lies a mythical underwater volcano. Beneath the waves: a bonanza of life. Massive shoals of fish darken the water and hundreds of sharks patrol the seamount. But like all wild places, this one too is in grave danger. Illegal fishing and sharkfinning might soon deplete this natural wonder and UNESCO heritage si...

  • Intermission

    A small break for a drink or tea

  • Charalampos Giannakakis

    The Last Hunt

    Director  Charalampos Giannakakis - Country: Greece

    Dimitris Zannes has dedicated his life to his two great loves - his wife and the ocean. But now, witnessing an ocean in decline from the front line of his fishing boat, he wonders what kind of legacy he will leave to his sons.

  • Yevheniia Kolesnykova

    The Creation Of a Symbolic Painting

    Director  Yevheniia Kolesnykova - Country: Ukraine

    The film is about the process of creating tables on the situation in Ukraine after February 24.

  • Jesus David Palacio

    The Search

    Director  Jesus David Palacio - Country: Colombia

    For three years Abelardo resigned from his professional life as a university professor in Spanish and literature. He decided to move away from his material world, his home, his television, his cell phone, in order to live in a frugal way, without much claim. Through a natural and metaphysical journey that Abelardo makes, we know his intenti...

  • Richard E. Haywood

    Women on Watch

    Director  Richard E. Haywood - Country: USA

    A mini-documentary about the untold contributions of lesbians during the A.I.D.S. epidemic.

  • This Day Won't last

    Director  Mouaad El Salem - Country: Belgium

    Authentic and raw. "This day will not last" is a diary film that meditates on longing for the future, love, freedom, opportunity, and community. Through personal homemade videos and photos, the director reflects on what it means to be young and queer in Tunisia. It draws attention to Article 230 that still exists by French colonizers to crimi...


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