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Dimitsana - PIOP

Sunday, 10 April 2022 - Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Open air Hydrokinesis Museum
Κεφαλάρι Αϊ-Γιάννη, 220 07
Phone: 210 3256922
Contact person: ΠΙΟΠ / PIOP

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  • Yorgos Arvanitis

    The Journey of Askavlos

    Director  Yorgos Arvanitis - Country: Greece

    Following the ancient Greek bagpipe, "The Journey of Askavlos" takes the viewer on a journey from stone-built villages, where the instrument’s origins lie, to the concrete jungles of modern towns and cities. He becomes a witness to this revival and discovers a thing almost lost: the customs and an ethos of a people of another era, and an oral...

  • Antonio Spano


    Director  Antonio Spano - Country: Belgium

    The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed almost 1 in 2 people on Earth. Yet one in six Congolese people suffer from hunger. Yet one in two Congolese suffers from moderate acute malnutrition. Yet agriculture accounts for 70% of the population there. Faced with this paradox, the peasants regroup in agricultural cooperativ...

  • Meletis Miras

    Close to the Core

    Director  Meletis Miras - Country: Greece

    How did Dimitris and, after four decades in the city, decided six years ago to live in a tent in the woods? Why did Vasilis choose to live in the city? What moves him to consciously choose the urban environment? How much has our way of living affected us? Is nature the answer? Or does the city provide answers? Have we forgotten where we come ...

  • David Klammer


    Director  David Klammer - Country: Germany

    Barricade is a documentary on the occupation of the Dannenrod Forest in Hessen, which was evicted in Dec 2020. It shows the live of the activists in the forest and the treehouses, they´ve build up to 30 meter high in the branches, but mainly their fight for a better climate in the future. With their hearts and guts.

  • Akis Kersanidis, Xrusa Tzelepi

    Back to Earth

    Director  Akis Kersanidis, Xrusa Tzelepi - Country: Greece

    Hector Mavridis is a ceramist. Dedicated in recent years to his ongoing work "Clods", he explores the imprint of the primordial form in public space. The clods he collects from the plowed fields are his raw material. Their shape, the smell of wet soil are evoking memories. He observes them, touches them. Wants to transform them. He works with...

  • Cleoni Flessa

    My grandfather, Papaflessas

    Director  Cleoni Flessa - Country: Greece

    A tender look at the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Papaflessas traveled to Constantinople in the age of enlightenment and romanticism, and became a member of the revolutionary organization “Filiki Eteria” (Society of Friends), taking on the task of inciting his compatriots against the Ottoman Empire. What sets the heroes apart? Can th...


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