Directors' Interviews 11/2

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The Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival's purpose has always been to introduce the audience of Peloponnese some very special films from all over the world. This year according to the difficult circumstances it was decided that there will be a hybrid version of the festival with an ONLINE release in February and a live premiere in May. In this situation we asked volunteers and festival staff to interview the directors of the ONLINE program to bring them closer with the audience even if they couldn't have met in the theaters. Behind the scenes information, personal stories and more in depth approach to the films are available through these interviews. The interviews of the films included in the "Claiming Freedom" tribute have been conducted by the students of Theater Studies of University of Peloponnese, as one part of our collaboration with the University.


The interviews of the directors were conducted by: Manos Kalafatelis, Dina Sotaki, Stella Papakonstantinou, Kostas Metsos, Giannis Koutresis, Ioannis Manoloudis, Andrianna Giannakopoulou, Daphne Alihatzoti, Ornela Koutrolli, Ilektra Katsimiha, Valia Orfanidou, Antonia Pternea and Maria Siamatra, Maria Nikolakopoulou, Giorgos Geranakis, Aggelos Kourepis, Maria Galani, Kalliopi Kalpodimou, Katerina Mefsout from Theater Studies faculty of University of Peloponnese team.


Marko Kumer "A Language of Equality"

Born in 1980 in Slovenj Gradec, a former actor of Ljubljana Šentjakob Theatre, Marko was a member of the Aggressive Theatre Group (where he led the video and multimedia department). He is the president of the group for quality cultural and artistic practice and production, ENABANDA PRODUCTION. Since 2012 he has primarily worked as a screenwriter, director and producer of short and documentary films, theatre and TV plays and shows.

You can check out the interview by Andrianna Giannakopoulou with Marko here.


Tom Ehrhardt "The Forgotten Treasure"

Tom Ehrhardt, born 1978 in Berlin, is a German filmmaker and radio personality. He financed “The Forgotten Treasure” privately through a wild mixture of jobs, like reporting from an Antarctic expedition for German radio and dubbing art porn for Bruce LaBruce. Ehrhardt lives and works in Berlin and São Paulo.

You can check out the interview by Antonia Pternea with Tom here.


Judit Oláh "Return to Epipo"

Director Judit Oláh finished her MA at EötvösLóránt University in 2014 at the department of film studies. Parallel with the academic studies in film theory and history, she attended the faculty of film-making. During her studies she has worked in several films in different positions. With the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund she has made her first own short film Beauty Queen in 2015, which was screened at several festivals.Since then, apart from working on both television documentaries and shorts, she has been working on her first feature-length documentary, Return to Epipo. Judit is a Nipkow fellow, she attended Archidoc, Eurodoc, Dok Incubator workshops and Midpoint 2019 short script development training program. She is a Midpoint 2020 script consultant alumni at feature launch.

You can check out the interview by Ioannis Manoloudis with Judit here.



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