Dec 21 Official Selections

Creative Documentary Center

We will begin the new year with two marathon film screenings. On Saturday, January 8 and Monday, January 10 at the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata, we will screen 24 films competing in the month of December 2021.

We take the pandemic outbreak very seriously and are screening the films simultaneously in two rooms.
Traditionally, the audience votes for the films that will qualify for the annual program of the 1st Kalamata International Short Documentary Festival, in October 2022, and are nominated for the two major audience awards. (Greek and International Documentary).

Ekai - short (Mi pequeño gran samurai - corto)
A short documentary depicting the story of young transgender boy Ekai Lersundi, who took his own life in 2018 after struggling with the bureaucracy surrounding hormone replacement therapy assignment
Duration: 20 '
Spain - Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by: Arantza Ibarra Basañez

Once upon a time, a little girl, Maram, left Yemen with her family seeking for the "Land without sorrows and pains", as they considered Europe. But instead they found themselves staggering in the "Land in between", living in a refugee camp in Lesvos.This is the story of Maram's first day at school, when a group of xenophobic people blocked her entrance violently, locking the school gate and shouting racist slogans.The school teacher along with some parents tried to stop them and soon the quarrel escalated in front of the shocked Maram… until her classmates stepped in and restored things. Just because every time the heart of a cruel adult narrows, the hug of a child widens, we can still whisper to ourselves: "Oh my world, hold on ! you are changing! ".
Duration: 4 '
Greece - Arabic with English subtitles
Directed by: Efi Sialevri, Vicky Giagopoulou

The Last Photo
Abdullah Milhim is a photographer trying to announce by photographing what is going on in the war zone, Syria to the world. Once, he goes to photograph a just bombed region, he sees an aged man inside the ruins. He is deeply influenced by the situation of the aged man who is just standing and crying while people are escaping and wounded are carried in the chaos, and so he takes the man’s photo. At the very moment, aircraft noise is heard and a bomb is dropped near them. After that day, Abdullah starts looking for his last photo, a new arm and his future.
Duration: 20 '
Turkey - Arabic, Turkish with English subtitles
Directed by: Mehmet Akif Guler

Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis (Places of Hellenism: Hermoupolis)
The city of Hermoupolis, capital of Syros is located at the center of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. In its history one can find all the elements that shaped contemporary Greece. This is an animated documentary telling its story.
Duration: 17 '
Greece - Greek
Directed by: Charalambos Margaritis

Ballada for Galilei
Bum or genius, sage or madman - Galilei Simeonov lives above human gossip and definitions. He is a 91-year-old professor at the Academy of Arts who chooses to live in the countryside, among his paintings. In our meetings Galileo shares bits of his life and his thoughts on art, on the great personalities of human history, on the meaning of the effort.
Duration: 27 '
Bulgaria - Bulgarian with English subtitles
Directed by: Ralitza Dimitrova

Dreyfus Drei
Australian Jewish artist Ella Dreyfus grew up with little knowledge of her family’s tragic losses in the Holocaust. She sets out to uncover their history through her uncle George in Melbourne and her cousin Jonathan in Berlin, whilst finding her own way of re-connecting to Germany.
Duration: 30 '
Australia - English
Directed by: Ella Dreyfus, Janis Westphal

Night Lives
Delving into the beauty of life when the sun goes down, this documentary is an intimate portrait of the obsession with nightclubbing culture, amongst Britain’s young generation.
Duration: 15
Cyprus- English
Directed by: Nafsika Chatzichristou

The First Bi-Communal Project: When Cypriots brought their sh * t together.
Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world, brutally split in two since 1974. Even though the two communities had been living separately for almost 30 years, with no means of any contact or connection, they have been sharing a common sewage system since. What are the social and political aspects emerging from this first bi-communal cooperation and its development? The core of the film consists of two major interviews; each of the interviewees carrying their own experience and memories from their own involvement in the project. The aim of the film is not to present the technical aspects of this shared infrastructure but to highlight an allegory of a unifying power that can be used as a precedent in the future.
Duration: 10 '
Cyprus - English, Greek Turkish with English subtitles
Directed by: Charalambos Drousiotis

Missing Words
Arash and Alireza are two young poets from Persia who came as political refugees to Greece. They tell us about the poetry nights they organized in their country, and they show us how censorship is applied on poetry, but also about the way in which they managed to overcome the obstacle of censorship.
Duration: 14 '
Greece - English
Directed by: Aristarchos Zisimatos

The survirver "Hagia Sophia"
Hagia Sophia, the survivor of deadly earthquakes. Hagia Sophia, the battlefield of civilizations,


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