Presentation of the book "The third Road in cinema" by Dr. Iakovos Panagopoulos

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Although there are many books that explore the journey of the mainstream cinematographer, with relevant advice and guidance, as well as many books about the journey of the independent cinematographer, again with advice and guidance for the hard road of independence, rarely do books explore the third road.

Dr Panagopoulos aims to include the cinematographer on the language and purpose of research and shows how can film production produce creative research methods, in order to create new perceptions with an impact not only on film production and cinema but also on other interdisciplinary fields. He explores what it means to be an academic teacher and a cinematographer and how these two roles inspire each other, thus expanding our knowledge about films and teaching. As a consequence, in the Third Road in Cinema we have an especially welcome exploration of the continuation of a journey, leaded by a relatively new kind of cinematographer- academic, who will have an increasingly important role in the evolution of film creation and cinema, as a third road is established and articulated: the less walked one (Frost, 1916).

(From the Prologue to the book by Professor Erik Knudsen)


Brief Resume:

Dr Iakovos Panagopoulos is a cinematographer and researcher of practical cinema. He is an Assoc. Professor at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University. His
innovative work is the combination of practical filming and academic research. His aim is to bridge the gap between the two. After his studies in the Department of Audio and Visual
Arts of the Ionian University, Iakovos received his Masters Degree in Cinematography from the University of Bournemouth in England. He completed his PhD thesis about the work of
Theodoros Angelopoulos at the University of Central Lancashire with the title: “Reshaping Contemporary Greek Cinema Through a Re-evaluation of the Historical and Political
Perspective of Theo Angelopoulos’s Work”. Iakovos is a researcher in multiple labs in both Greece and abroad, where he tries to approach the interdisciplinary dimension of research
in practical cinema with other scientific fields.


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