Recital - performance: "When reality stumbles"

Creative Documentary Center

One more reciptal is included in the "Tribute to Music" during the 9th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival with a performance with music by Iraklis Paschalidis, with Lydia Fotopoulou and Christos Sterigioglou.

Iraklis Paschalidis composes music chiefly for the theatre, and has worked on numerous occasions for the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Peiramatiki Skini, the National Theatre, and most of the Municipal Regional Theatres in Greece. He has also written music for four shows of Feke Boschma’s Figurentheater in Amsterdam, for two films and many documentaries. The Festival will present his new concert, entitled When Reality Stumbles.

What happens when sea urchins revolt, and want to change? When the enemy gives up the fight and goes to get icecream? When a lady who doesn’t know a word of Russian persists in wanting to speak the language?
When all this and more happens, you get a musical in the form of a music stand, with music and songs composed by Iraklis Paschalidis, who loves not only composition but also decomposition.
Paschalidis on the piano, aided and abetted by actors and singers Christos Stergioglou and Lydia Photopoulou, wander through a reality which stumbles and avoids the expected.




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