Educational program: "Folk Tale" performance and telling

Creative Documentary Center

The educational program of the 9th Peloponnese International Documentary Festival includes performances of “Folk Tales” for schools and general audience.

In collaboration with Tsikibom Studio, children from 7 years old and their parents will have the opportunity to enjoy the telling of folk tales "The cinema before the cinema" with Agni Stroumboulis and Stavros Parginos. The event will take place at Tsikibom studio (Koutsomitopoulou 9, Historical Center of Kalamata) on Sunday, October 29 at 6pm.
Limited spots, your reservation is essential at 6931200774.
A few words about the action:
“Telling folk tales for young and old”, a performance
Before the Lumiere brothers, who gave motion to photography and made the first public showing in 1895 in Paris, from one end of the world to the other, people told stories, which each one "saw" unfold before them, through life and the expressiveness of speech.
Little by little, the presence of the Folk Teller is "erased" and the images of the Folk Tale come to life between them and the audience, just like it would be on screen.
And since cinema is the 7th Art, we say Folk Tales are the 6th ad precede it.
Exactly there is a playful dialogue with the students and a reference to similarities and differences between Folk Telling and Cinema!
Narration: Agni Stroumbouli
Original music: Stavros Parginos


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