Salutation by Deputy Minister of Culture, Xristos Dhmas

Creative Documentary Center

The Peloponnesos International Documentary Festival is a modern cultural event of high standards that has now turned into a wider institution, not only for the Peloponnese but also for the whole of Greece.
With screenings of dozens of Greek and international documentaries, the Peloponnesos International Documentary Festival is a landmark of artistic expression, creation and extroversion.It includes special tributes, events, exhibitions and seminars, spanning eight cities of the Peloponnese, acting as a networking communication bridge between producers, artists and the public. With works that inspire and challenge, that are food for thought and discussion, the event combines entertainment, information and education.

Thus, the 9th Peloponnesos International Documentary Festival makes the region and Greece a destination that promotes the art of documentary and promotes new artists. I would like to express my warm congratulations to everyone for the event, which is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. I wish every year that this institution grows and develops more and more.


Christos Dimas,

Deputy Minister of Culture,

Member of Parliament of Corinth


Thank you for supporting us.