Salutation by Panagiotis Nikas, Regional Governor of Peloponnese

Creative Documentary Center

Salutation by Panagiotis Nikas, Regional Governor of Peloponnese

I welcome you to the hospitable Peloponnese and to the 9th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival, which gives for another year, its own, special, cultural mark.

In the fruitful years of its presence, the Festival has built a relationship of trust with the public. It flourishes and develops with steady steps, and spreads throughout the Peloponnese gaining recognition and fame, promoting the art of cinema and documentary to people of all ages.

In Kalamata another eight other cities of the Peloponnese (Akrata, Amaliada,Tripolis, Nafplio, Dimitsana, Xylokastro, Sparta and Filiatra) the public will enjoy the seventh art, and will have the opportunity to watch dozens of Greek and international documentaries, tributes to music , visual exhibitions, online screenings along with seminars on documentary creation.

Welcoming this special event of culture and creation, which is being held in the Peloponnese Region, I extend my warmest wishes for its success and for the realization of its goals.

The Regional Governor of Peloponnese

Panagiotis E. Nikas




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