• Attic Vases part one | PRECIOUS EARTH

    Attic Vases part one | PRECIOUS EARTH

    Director Spiros Pantazis - Country: Greece

    It's difficult to imagine anything more common and humble than soil. And yet, this modest material was turned into veritable gold by the ancient potters of Attica, demonstrating that even the most inconsequential things can become precious if they are utilized to advantage. The short film 'Attic Vases - Precious Earth' shares the history and ...

  • Dust Never Settled

    Dust Never Settled

    Director Blue Kalamian - Country: USA

    After the Artsakh War in 2020, American-Armenian filmmaker Blue Kalamian traveled to Armenia and Artsakh to see firsthand how the war affected the country and its people. "Dust Never Settled" highlights the voices of those who otherwise would not be able to share their stories. The film explores the experiences of soldiers, medical volunteers...

  • Earth gods

    Earth gods

    Director - Country: Portugal

    From earth, water, hands and fire, sculptures are born that link matter to the spiritual. A journey across the landscape, the people and the processes that shape the gods of South India.



    Director Murat YÜKSEL, Onur TEKİN, Zehra GÜZEL - Country: Turkey

    IMBPO∑ (Imbros), is a short documentary that aims to share the stories of the people living on the island today known as Gökçeada. The film takes a close look at the Greeks of Turkey, to identify both the cruelty of the state that has traumatized society, and a strong sense of belonging that goes beyond all types of identity. IMBPO ∑, is also...


    Like a king

    Director Evangelia Koumantsioti - Country: Greece

    The subject of the documentary is social as it concerns the observation of the world of the marginalized who wander the streets.



    Director Selim Yıldız - Country: Turkey

    It is aimed to portray the years left behind by Mom Heyam Encü, who lost her 16-year-old son in 2011 when Turkish warplanes killed 34 civilians in Robozik. People ask me what I’ll do with these sheep. In the end, honor remained only with some place names. With some numbers, with some dates. Ernest Hemingway

  • Nomads


    Director Giannis Floulis - Country: Greece

    In the Greek countryside, groups of pastoral nomads with their herds move from the plains in the winter to the mountains in the summer since the Middle Ages. But not only humans are nomads… The last Egyptian vultures of Greece are fighting for their own survival. Starting their journey from Africa and travelling 5,000km every spring...

  • Pepedrilo


    Director Victor Cartas - Country: Mexico

    Pepedrilo and his peculiar connection with nature are embodied by the care and protection of a crocodile sanctuary, whose stability is put in danger day by day by the threat of men

  • Stupid, Naive & Lucky

    Stupid, Naive & Lucky

    Director Giulio Tonincelli - Country: Italy

    Giulio at the end of April 2013 visits the Turkish-Syrian border to document the work of an Italian NGO. In the field hospital of Kilis (Turkey) meets Zaher, a Syrian teacher who offers Giulio to join him and two rebels on a 24- hour trip to Aleppo. The film, edited and finished 7 years after it was shot, introduces a layer of retrospection t...

  • The Grand Tour - A film In-Debt(ed)

    The Grand Tour - A film In-Debt(ed)

    Director Fotios Begklis - Country: Greece

    Grand Tour is inspired on the writings of 18th century European travellers to Greece. Through accounts of these travellers, we can evaluate from a post-colonial perspective the developments that occurred in Greek society as a product of the Greek revolution in 1821. These developments led to successive accumulation of debt, defaults, and grow...


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