• Attila


    Director Omid Shenavar - Country: Iran

    Animal protectors find a harassed dog near a small village in Iran, bring him to the shelter and treat him for his illness, but soon discover that Attila has an infected paw. The patrons don't want his leg cut off, so they send Attila to the U.S. through an incredible story.    

  • Bullets in Paradise

    Bullets in Paradise

    Director Violet J Dempsey - Country: USA

    This documentary explores how teens' mental health is negatively affected by active shooter drills, and how nonchalantly they are handled in school environments.

  • BUTTERFLIES IN THE SKIES:  the Cretan rhymes

    BUTTERFLIES IN THE SKIES: the Cretan rhymes

    Director Yiannis Markakis - Country: Greece

    In the film "Butterflies in the sky: the Cretan mantinades" academics, writers, singers and mantinadologists present mantinada as a poetic genre, the process of its creation and transmission as well as its place in the living cultural reality of Crete, The Cretan mantinada is soon to be inscribed in the national list of intangible heritage. ...

  • Can I love you

    Can I love you

    Director - Country: China

    It shows the discrimination against gender bias and a series of complex contradictions in the real Chinese context. The Creator shows the soft, moist, fragile but strong and brave self as a sexual minority from a private perspective in the form of private images.

  • Dusty Nation

    Dusty Nation

    Director Kang Le - Country: China

    An experimental documentary film about China.

  • For Robin

    For Robin

    Director George Ayvazyan - Country: USA

    A group of performers reflects on the influence that Robin Williams's work, life and legacy has had on their own personal and creative endeavors. Director George Ayvazyan's "thank you" to Robin and a celebration for the man everyone loved.

  • Hans Hamid: Stitches of my Story

    Hans Hamid: Stitches of my Story

    Director Nicolai af Rosenborg - Country: Denmark

    This documentary throws us into the unusual aesthetic process of artist Hans Hamid Rasmussen. We follow Hans Hamin's courageous journeys from Norway back to Algeria, unraveling a troubled past and a deep sense of belonging to two different but fascinating cultures.  

  • House of Light

    House of Light

    Director - Country: Bangladesh

    House of Light is an intimate portrait of one family’s daily life when forced to remain together in their apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh during the Covid-19 health crisis. Filmed by the director on his mobile phone during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the documentary transcends the quotidian and illuminates the everyday with moments...



    Director VICKY MARKOLEFA - Country: Greece

    The film INDIGENIUS LOCI explores the interface between man and nature. Vassilis Fourkiotis, a deep ecologist, shepherd and sociologist, walks in his ancestral lands immersed in spiritual reflections of a postmodern world. Psychogeography, Documentary.

  • Kanymda Kumiss

    Kanymda Kumiss

    Director Jérémie Reuiller - Country: France

    They say that cycling is just a pretext. An excuse to open doors and minds. Following Fred Hornie from Bishkek to Lenin Peak, Kanymda Kumiss is more than just a movie about cycling. It's an adventure. Descending rushing rivers with his inflatable, sharing moments with nomads on the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, we follow the...



    Director Stelios Demetriou - Country: Cyprus

    "Motive" tells the story of a woman, representative of any individual whose personal space is defined by what would be considered atypical for the majority. The protagonist vitality depends upon sustaining her daily patterns, tasks, and responsibilities toward what she cares for, and above all towards herself. We observe the character's drive...

  • Rebetiko Underground

    Rebetiko Underground

    Director Apostolos Polymeris, Georgios Polymeris - Country: Greece

    Rebetiko Underground - A Research on Rebetiko, is a short documentary film about the spread of rebetiko music and culture over the years in Europe.

  • The workshop on Kotardou street.

    The workshop on Kotardou street.

    Director Leda Eleni Efstathiou, Aristea Pouli - Country: Greece

    This short documentary presents a small workshop, where mr. Panagiotis creates wooden objects from olive wood.

  • Turning Man - 81RPM

    Turning Man - 81RPM

    Director Robin Trouillet - Country: Germany

    Jürgen Leppert, also known as "The Turner" or "The Spinner" is a qualified engineer, speaker inventor, 360-degree dancer, gifted Frisbee player, and purebred '68 revolutionary. He is a legend about the city of Karlsruhe, and not only on the track. A declaration of love for music, dance and rebellion. A portrait of a tough man still swimmi...


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