• Divided still

    Divided still

    Director Antonis Pouliasis - Country: Cyprus

    In February 2020, the crossing points that allow contact between the separated communities of Cyprus were closed for the first time, almost two decades after their opening. The reason given was the effective management of the covid-19 pandemic. The closure has shattered relationships and deeply affected people's lives, which have been built a...

  • Food for Thought

    Food for Thought

    Director Giorgos Stylianou - Country: Cyprus

    The documentary deals with the challenges of young people living in rural areas in Cyprus who are active in the field of food production. It presents their difficulties, aspirations and hopes so that they can stay and grow in their place. Young people from urban and rural areas express their views on the production, distribution and consumpti...

  • Grandpa Ernest Speaks

    Grandpa Ernest Speaks

    Director Madeleine Bazil - Country: USA

    In 1939, a young Jew named Ernest Lowy escapes from his native Czechoslovakia, seeking safety for his family as World War II intensifies. In the late 1980s, the now elderly Ernest tells the story of his life during a 75-minute tape at his home in New York City. This is the first and only time his children and grandchildren have heard him talk...

  • Kings Of Our Own Right

    Kings Of Our Own Right

    Director Milla Lewis, Sabrina Jones - Country: United Kingdom

    For a week a year, in the depths of Cumbria, a small town is transformed by the largest gathering of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers in Europe. Appleby is transformed by the event, where since 1775 horses, fortunes and loved ones are exchanged again. In 2021, the interior minister drafted a bill on police, crime, penalties and courts, which th...

  • Leglassion


    Director Lefteris Pasalidis - Country: Greece

    Dimitris (Aka De Madeira Boards) left Athens at the age of 35 to live in a quiet village, making surfboards, and find peace. Powered by Emerson.

  • Maybe You Hear Nothing

    Maybe You Hear Nothing

    Director Holger Mohaupt - Country: United Kingdom

    I just love the noise and I can listen to all the noises going on around me, so I know the bleat of a little lamb that’s just been born and a bleat of a mother when it’s talking to it.” The story of Diane who, together with her husband and a small group of friends runs a little farm on the East Coast of Scotland. It's an animal farm of a diff...

  • Mixi


    Director JYOTSNA PUTHRAN - Country: India

    ‘CHAKKI’ ('MIXI' in English / 'MIXEUR' in french) is an UNRELEASED film entirely made using ‘SEEDS’. Real PULSES & GRAMS & SPROUTS were used in motion to create scenarios as a metaphorical representation of GROWTH & FUTURE of a nation. The film industriously renders the verse “DON’T GRIND THE SEED, LET IT GROW!”. The film shows th...

  • Nicholas Argyropoulos: The Whole United States is Mine

    Nicholas Argyropoulos: The Whole United States is Mine

    Director Eleftherios Kostans - Country: USA

    Nicholas Argyropoulos was a child when Germany invaded Greece during World War II, and tragedy struck his family when his father was killed by the communists. By the age of sixteen, he enlisted in the Greek army and fought the communists for two years during the Greek Civil War, before being whisked away to America, where he married, raised a...

  • Second Generation ANZAC: The Story of Alf Carpenter

    Second Generation ANZAC: The Story of Alf Carpenter

    Director Jeff Hughes - Country: Australia

    Born in Wagga Wagga in 1917, Alf Carpenter joined the army in 1939 and served for seven years. He began his service in North Africa, where Alf fought battles in Bardia, Tobruk and Benghazi. He was sent to Greece, where the 2/4th Battalion of Alf was declared "Second Generation ANZACS" by General Blamey in April 1942. This was the first and ...

  • The Place between Was & Will Be

    The Place between Was & Will Be

    Director Theo Panagopoulos - Country: Greece

    When his grandfather begins to have the first signs of dementia, the director performs a ritual of preliminary mourning in the abandoned cottage of his grandparents. Using the anthropological concept of the borderline, he tries to slow down a moment of great change and open a conversation that his family avoids.

  • Tyranny


    Director David Adamko - Country: Hungary

    A dysfunctional society controlled by a toxic leader results in the reality of illiberalism and the sole autocratic EU member state is leading the way. Recently, an angular black hole appeared in the centre of this nation's main square, which proved invisible to Hungarians. A public artwork protesting autocracy. The analysis of this dark obje...

  • Women at the sepulchre

    Women at the sepulchre

    Director - Country: Italy

    In the heart of Jerusalem, at dawn, women first pass the gate of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. They are Latins, Orthodox and Ethiopians, they are witnessing today the dawn of hope that turned the cry of Mary Magdalene into tears of joy. Who were the women Jesus chose to announce to the whole world the news that would change his fate? ...


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