Women of the Gulag

Οι γυναίκες των Γκουλάγκ

The film Women of the Gulag tells the compelling and tragic stories of the women – last survivors of the Gulag, the brutalsystem of repression and terror that devastated the Soviet population during the regime of Stalin. The Gulag was first captured bySolzhenitsyn in his opus, Gulag Archipelago. Never before the stories of women and women’s experience in these camp was told inan international documentary film.A collection of unique and candid interviews with women who survived the Stalin's repression of the 1930s.

* Best Non European Documentary @ ECU European Independent Film Festival 2019

Director: Marianna Yarovskaya

: Paul Gregory, Mark Harris, Mitchell Block

Runtime: 53´

Country of Origin: USA

Year: 2018

Screenings:  Argos 20/1 (19:30), Kalamata 21/1 (18:00)

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