Uprooted is a documentary that depicts the conflict in the North East of Nigeria through the eyes of women. Women left behind in the conflict tell their conflict experiences however their stories are not only of terror and despair, but also hope and self-discovery. In their own words, they tell how they were able to not only live through one of worst terrorism ever, but also how they found strength they never knew they possessed.φουν πως είναι να ζεις μέσα στο φόβο της χειρότερης τρομοκρατίας που υπάρχει αλλά και πως βρήκαν δύναμη μέσα τους που δεν ήξεραν ότι είχαν. 

Director: Ummi Bukar, Ilse Van Lamoen

Runtime: 61´

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Year: 2018


Kalamata 24/1 (18:00)

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