Kalamata ShortDocs

Creative Documentary Center
The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.


War, emergency, pandemics and hunger. Humanitarian workers are used to working in the most varied and extreme missions and contexts across the planet. Forty humanitarian workers and their loved ones did just that, speaking without reserve about the risk, the commitment, the first mission, the sense of powerlessness, the encounters, the passion, the return home and the unspeakable things they’ve witnessed. This film also explores the question of their selfishness in choosing to do this kind of work. The women and men who share their private and personal lives also tell their stories.

  • Writers: Stéphane Santini
  • Producers: Philippe Santini, Florence Dozol, Nora Teylouni, MSF
  • Cinematographer / DOP: Stéphane Santini, Géraldine André
  • Editor: Stéphane Santini, Géraldine André, Laurence Hoenig, Pierre-Yves
  • Credits: Αφήγηση στα Ελληνικά: Αντώνης Καφετζόπουλος Narration in Greek b by: Antonis Kafetzopoulos


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