Peloponnisos Doc Festival

Creative Documentary Center

Born in Nicosia and studied Audiovisual Arts in Greece. Based in Cyprus he works as a freelance DoP and sound designer/composer. He has filmed mostly music-oriented videos as well as commercial videos and designed/composed sound for theater, experimental films and installations. In 2016 he filmed and composed music for the documentary "Anamones" which was screened in the 7th Ethnographic Film Festival in Athens in 2016 and in the 6th Thessaloniki Biennále of Contemporary Art in 2017. Since then he has worked as an assistant is various documentary and film productions in Cyprus. In 2021 he has worked as a Research Associate for the Aura Lab workshop of TEPAK University in Limassol to do additional filming for an experimental documentary. In 2021 he directed the documentary "Food for Thought" for the NGO Friends of the Earth, Cyprus.


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