Peloponnisos Doc Festival

Creative Documentary Center
Petar Bojovic

Petar is an editor and cinematographer from Nis, Serbia. He has had the opportunity to work at some of Australia's leading television networks, global media publishers and production houses.

Throughout his career he has been exposed to the full spectrum of audio visual content production. With a background in both post-production and production, He is well rounded in both the creative and technical aspects of audio visual content production. He has an apt for storytelling, drawing narratives from some of his own experiences, as well as placing key social issues at the forefront.

His passion for film has led him to produce and direct his first short film "Radicalized" which was nominated for the Best Microfilm award, at the 2016 Independent Days Film Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. Throughout 2017 while residing back home in Serbia, he travelled along the 'Balkan Route' directing his first feature length project "Routes", a documentary exploring the European migration crisis.

He is currently pursuing his second postgraduate degree at the Macquarie University within the discipline of anthropology. He hopes to combine his film making experience with his academic work.


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