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Kalamata ShortDoc Anual Festival 30-1

Friday, 27 January 2023 - Monday, 30 January 2023

Amphitheater "Theodoros Angelopoulos" Kalamata
Εργατοϋπαλληλικό Κέντρο Καλαμάτας, Αριστομένους
Phone: 2721022376
Contact person: Creative Documentary Ceter Kalamata

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  • Nikos Theodosiou

    You were right, man

    Director  Nikos Theodosiou - Country: Greece

    A chance meeting, seventy years later, of Roviros Manthoulis with Euripides, a comrade in EPON during the years of the German occupation, brings to light a "small" story. The tragic outcome of a group of young people who sought to continue the struggle in Athens while the fierce battles between the Republican and the Government army were ragi...

  • Anezka KozlovaMatyas Lada

    The Anxieties

    Director  Anezka Kozlova Matyas Lada - Country: Czech-Republic

    Sinking, darkness, pounding, distress, anguish, fear... this is also a way to describe mental states called anxiety. Ten authentic testimonies from people who have gone through and overcome anxiety or are going through it.

  •  Angelik Kourounis

    The ghosts of Varosha

    Director   Angelik Kourounis - Country: Switzerland

    July 1974. Turkey invades Northern Cyprus in response to the nationalist coup that had tried to annex the island to Greece. The 44,000 inhabitants of Varosha fled from the approaching Turkish army. Since then the destroyed and looted city, surrounded by barbed wire, has become a ghost town. 47 years later access is again granted to the Forbid...

  • Konstantinos Potamianos

    The Call Of The Lighthouses

    Director  Konstantinos Potamianos - Country: Greece

    A documentary that describes the story of the renovation of the two southernmost lighthouses in land Europe, from the point of view of the architect who undertook their reconstruction. The project was difficult and full of unexpected incidents, but he and his team managed to complete it successfully.

  • Maksim Ishchenko

    Kosberg made it

    Director  Maksim Ishchenko - Country: Russia

    The story of people who made possible the first manned flight into space, but remained behind the scenes. The main characters of the film are Semyon Kosberg and other engineers of the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau in Voronezh. They designed and built the third stage of the rocket engine, without which Gagarin's spacecraft would not have r...

  • Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou

    Unmatched socks

    Director  Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou - Country: Cyprus

    The true story of the children of two missing persons of the Turkish invasion. Two children meet and become inseparable friends during their studies at the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Cyprus. Several years later and without them knowing, it is revealed that apart from friendship, they are connected by something else ...

  • Intermission

  • Happy Independence Day

    Director  Ville Ilmari Seppanen - Country: Finland

    Happy Independence Day is a film about Helsinki citizens celebrating Finland's Independence Day on December 6, 2021. The film draws a portrait of the citizens of Helsinki during Finland's Independence Day in 2021. The film follows different groups, such as Antifa, the "let's close the border" torch relay, right-wing extremists, anarchists an...

  • Edgar Pêra

    Portuguese Sea

    Director  Edgar Pêra - Country: Portugal

    Oh salty sea, so much of whose salt / Is Portugal's tears! / All the mothers who had to weep for us to cross you! / All the sons who prayed in vain! / All the brides-to-be who never married for you  /to be ours, oh sea! / Was it worth doing? Everything's worth doing / If the soul of the doer isn't small." (Fernando Pessoa) Eighteen years...

  • Rebetiko Underground

    Director  Apostolos Polymeris, Georgios Polymeris - Country: Greece

    Rebetiko Underground - A Research on Rebetiko, is a short documentary film about the spread of rebetiko music and culture over the years in Europe.

  • Kanymda Kumiss

    Director  Jérémie Reuiller - Country: France

    They say that cycling is just a pretext. An excuse to open doors and minds. Following Fred Hornie from Bishkek to Lenin Peak, Kanymda Kumiss is more than just a movie about cycling. It's an adventure. Descending rushing rivers with his inflatable, sharing moments with nomads on the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, we follow the...

  • The Blackbird

    Director  Yannis Krommydakis - Country: Greece

    Manolis Maurakis is the blackbird.

  • Intermission

  • Eko Fitri Yulyanto

    The Farmer

    Director  Eko Fitri Yulyanto - Country: Indonesia

    Baskoro tries to continue his life as an organic farmer in the fields he inherited from his grandfather. Knowledge of organic farming and memories of his grandfather become his strength to survive and be reborn as a farmer.

  • Aristarchos Zisimatos

    Missing Words

    Director  Aristarchos Zisimatos - Country: Greece

    Arash and Alireza are two young poets from Persia who came as political refugees το Greece. They tell us about the poetry nights that were organized in their country, and how censorship is done in poetry, but also about the way in which they managed to overcome the obstacle of censorship.

  • David Valolao


    Director  David Valolao - Country: Italy

    Alone and with incredible willpower, Melina chose to take a trip into the unknown, sacrificing her family to defend Holy Mother Earth. The garbage that has invaded every corner of this world, expresses and confirms the actions of humanity against nature. Melina's mission is a creative effort to restore light to people's hearts and physically ...

  • Tasos Georgiou

    The improvise of Petros Mokas

    Director  Tasos Georgiou - Country: Greece

    Petros Mokas is a fifth generation sheep farmer, who lives in the mountains of Pindos. It preserves ''Boutsko'', a rare breed of sheep that lives in the pastures of Eastern Tzoumerka. We follow his life, music and traditions.  

  • Intermission

  • N'DEYE SECK Griot Woman

    Director  Sabrina Valente - Country: Senegal

    In Senegal, a woman playing drums is not ordinary. In this short period of time, N'deye Seck - the leading percussionist at the Ecole des Sables - shares her path. N'deye's story intertwines with Griot culture. Having inherited this rich tradition from her family, the percussion musician shares through her narrative, the strength, cultura...

  • Eleftheria katsianou


    Director  Eleftheria katsianou - Country: Greece

    The documentary follows Lefteris Giakoumakis, an artist of the city, on his own personal journey. Lefteris lives in Athens, paints on its garbage and wants to free himself both from the city and from what haunts him personally. As the cycle of painting in the trash comes to an end, Lefteris looks for other ways to redeem himself.  

  • Eleftherios Hajianastasioo

    SKG + DRAG = BFF?

    Director  Eleftherios Hajianastasioo - Country: Greece

    The documentary focuses on 4 artists, Kharma Queen, Amelie Tea, Aurora Paola Morado and Dr. Oglie Boss, who describe what it's like to be a Drag Queen-King in Greece's second largest city. The video consists of interviews and scenes from the performances of our Drag artists, as well as footage of our city. Finally, it focuses on the problems ...

  • Robin Trouillet

    Turning Man - 81RPM

    Director  Robin Trouillet - Country: Germany

    Jürgen Leppert, also known as "The Turner" or "The Spinner" is a qualified engineer, speaker inventor, 360-degree dancer, gifted Frisbee player, and purebred '68 revolutionary. He is a legend about the city of Karlsruhe, and not only on the track. A declaration of love for music, dance and rebellion. A portrait of a tough man still swimmi...



    Director  VICKY MARKOLEFA - Country: Greece

    The film INDIGENIUS LOCI explores the interface between man and nature. Vassilis Fourkiotis, a deep ecologist, shepherd and sociologist, walks in his ancestral lands immersed in spiritual reflections of a postmodern world. Psychogeography, Documentary.

  • Intermission

  • Theo Panagopoulos

    The Place between Was & Will Be

    Director  Theo Panagopoulos - Country: Greece

    When his grandfather begins to have the first signs of dementia, the director performs a ritual of preliminary mourning in the abandoned cottage of his grandparents. Using the anthropological concept of the borderline, he tries to slow down a moment of great change and open a conversation that his family avoids.

  • Zofia Pregowska


    Director  Zofia Pregowska - Country: Poland

    90-year-old Krystyna, lives in the tiny apartment surrounded by books and writing blocks. This in itself is remarkable, as Krystyna is almost blind, but this does not prevent her from writing passionate and eloquent poetry that celebrates life. She writes her poems on paper, but this proves to be a problematic method since one of her pen...

  • Tom Ehrhardt

    Ashes Wood and Stardust

    Director  Tom Ehrhardt - Country: Germany

    Where do we come from? Where do we go? While carpentering, beekeeping and going on joyrides in his funny car, Mr. Bulisch answers the big questions of his life.

  • Laboratory NO.2

    Director  Edris Abdi - Country: Iraq

    The Documentary Workshop No. 2 is the story of an elderly man who has been working in the autopsy department of the Sulaimaniyah University of Medical Sciences for 14 years. For these 14 years he has been working on corpses. He eventually decides to retire.   

  • Bishnu Kalpit

    God's Buffalo

    Director  Bishnu Kalpit - Country: Nepal

    Homan Singh Shiv Bakhti lives from agriculture in the hills of Sindhupalchok district, east of Kathmandu. He loves and adores his buffalo, which has brought him all the good things in his life. All is well until devastating floods ravage the area. Homan Singh's buffalo disappears.

  • Intermission

  • Arantza Ibarra Basañez


    Director  Arantza Ibarra Basañez - Country: Spain

    A short documentary depicting the story of young trans boy Ekai Lersundi, who committed suicide in 2018 after struggling with bureaucracy to administer hormone therapy for gender reassignment.

  • Intermission

  • Τελετή λήξης

  • Antonia Pternea

    What Happened in Manganiako

    Director  Antonia Pternea - Country: Greece

    Manganiako faces the challenge of social abandonment. The 63 permanent residents left in the small mountainous village of Messinia are worried about the future of the community. Three social solidarity economy entities together with the village's cultural association raised awareness and mobilized people and institutions to demonstrate that e...


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