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Kalamata ShortDoc Anual Festival 29-1

Friday, 27 January 2023 - Monday, 30 January 2023

Amphitheater "Theodoros Angelopoulos" Kalamata
Εργατοϋπαλληλικό Κέντρο Καλαμάτας, Αριστομένους
Phone: 2721022376
Contact person: Creative Documentary Ceter Kalamata

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  • Efi Sialevri, Vicky Yiagopoulou


    Director  Efi Sialevri, Vicky Yiagopoulou - Country: Greece

    The film tells the story of Maram, who left Yemen with her family, in search of the “Land without sorrows and pains", as they considered Europe. Instead they found themselves "staggering" in the “Land in between”, living in a refugee camp in Lesvos. This is, also, the story of Maram’s first day at school, when a group of xenophobic people blo...

  • Maksim Ishchenko

    Kosberg made it

    Director  Maksim Ishchenko - Country: Russia

    The story of people who made possible the first manned flight into space, but remained behind the scenes. The main characters of the film are Semyon Kosberg and other engineers of the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau in Voronezh. They designed and built the third stage of the rocket engine, without which Gagarin's spacecraft would not have r...

  • Kevin Mannens

    Malpelo: Mountain of Sharks

    Director  Kevin Mannens - Country: USA

    Days away from the closest land, lies a mythical underwater volcano. Beneath the waves: a bonanza of life. Massive shoals of fish darken the water and hundreds of sharks patrol the seamount. But like all wild places, this one too is in grave danger. Illegal fishing and sharkfinning might soon deplete this natural wonder and UNESCO heritage si...

  • George Lampros

    Watch Your Step: Vatchemanis

    Director  George Lampros - Country: Greece

    A short documentary film about the special and unknown to most people profession of "Vatchemanis".

  • Shyam Karki


    Director  Shyam Karki - Country: Nepal

    A small red panda, a rare species, has been left homeless due to the recent 16-day fire in the intermediate hills of Nepal, another in the growing number of symptoms of the climate crisis that saddens neither man nor animal.

  • Intermission

  • Rodrigo Sena

    The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU

    Director  Rodrigo Sena - Country: Brazil

    In 2007, a photographic album was created in recognition of indigenous roots, depicting twelve teenagers belonging to the "Eleutarian do katou", in Brazil. Twelve years later the photographer returns to katu, looking for these protagonists, now adults, to learn about his personal trajectories and worldviews.  

  • Women at the sepulchre

    Director  Alessandra Buzzetti - Country: Italy

    In the heart of Jerusalem, at dawn, women first pass the gate of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. They are Latins, Orthodox and Ethiopians, they are witnessing today the dawn of hope that turned the cry of Mary Magdalene into tears of joy. Who were the women Jesus chose to announce to the whole world the news that would change his fate? ...

  • Ali Chakaroun


    Director  Ali Chakaroun - Country: Lebanon

    The film will delve into the felings of five women who experienced heavy loss, so the pain of waiting and the postponement of destiny were their common characteristics.

  • For Robin

    Director  George Ayvazyan - Country: USA

    A group of performers reflects on the influence that Robin Williams's work, life and legacy has had on their own personal and creative endeavors. Director George Ayvazyan's "thank you" to Robin and a celebration for the man everyone loved.

  • Intermission

  • Madeleine Bazil

    Grandpa Ernest Speaks

    Director  Madeleine Bazil - Country: USA

    In 1939, a young Jew named Ernest Lowy escapes from his native Czechoslovakia, seeking safety for his family as World War II intensifies. In the late 1980s, the now elderly Ernest tells the story of his life during a 75-minute tape at his home in New York City. This is the first and only time his children and grandchildren have heard him talk...

  • Matt Richmond


    Director  Matt Richmond - Country: USA

    George Manias operates a shop specializing in shoe polishing for 76 years, since he escaped the Nazi occupation of Crete at the age of 14. Today, at 91, the loss of his sister Angela haunts him as he struggles to decide whether to retire and visit Crete again without Angela by his side.  

  • Konstantinos Potamianos

    The Call Of The Lighthouses

    Director  Konstantinos Potamianos - Country: Greece

    A documentary that describes the story of the renovation of the two southernmost lighthouses in land Europe, from the point of view of the architect who undertook their reconstruction. The project was difficult and full of unexpected incidents, but he and his team managed to complete it successfully.

  • Dimitrios Trompoukis, Giorgos Oikonomou

    The Aging Land

    Director  Dimitrios Trompoukis, Giorgos Oikonomou - Country: Greece

    A documentary about the survival of the Mastorochoria of Konitsa in Greece all these years.

  • Intermission

  • Laura Maragoudaki


    Director  Laura Maragoudaki Tatiana Mavromati - Country: Greece

    A portrait of domestic work, as experienced by Georgian maids working in Greece. It explores the monotonous, demanding and invisible labor behind caring work and the isolation and insecurity experienced by women who have to work to serve others. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, with only one Sunday off.  

  • Evangelos Krikonis


    Director  Evangelos Krikonis - Country: Greece

    Christos was born in a small village in northern Greece, Sklithro. Born in 1927, my grandfather has experienced up close all of Greece's modern history, poverty, World War II, civil war, exile and ideological racism due to his political beliefs when he returned to Greece. In the film he shares the circumstances and stories that marked his l...

  • Ismini Paradaki, Odyseas Pieridis, Maria Varnavidi

    Argyro's wedding dress - Three readings

    Director  Ismini Paradaki, Odyseas Pieridis, Maria Varnavidi - Country: Cyprus

    How does personal experience cease to be an individual matter and become an incentive for artistic creation? The documentary attempts to highlight the way in which History converses with Art and how a personal story, that of Argyro from Peristeronopigi, Famagusta, was a source of inspiration for a poet, two artists and a student documentary p...

  • Ioannis Panayi


    Director  Ioannis Panayi - Country: Cyprus

    The film "Roots" approaches the everyday life of my grandmother, Yiannoula, in an attempt to portray a special bond between herself and two lemon trees that grow in the yard of her house, in which she lives as a refugee. It is about a bond which connects her with her beloved village, Karavas, which she cannot enjoy anymore due to the Turkish ...

  • Spyros Vlachakis

    38 days

    Director  Spyros Vlachakis - Country: Cyprus

    "38 days" is a drama documentary recreating real-life painful experiences through the eyes of Philippos, a prisoner of war. The stories are facts told by life eyewitnesses in a diary/interview context. Philippos describes his own ordeal as a 17-year-old soldier who fought a war, was a prisoner of war, and a refugee of war. The feelings of ang...

  • Intermission

  • Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou

    Unmatched socks

    Director  Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou - Country: Cyprus

    The true story of the children of two missing persons of the Turkish invasion. Two children meet and become inseparable friends during their studies at the Department of Education Sciences at the University of Cyprus. Several years later and without them knowing, it is revealed that apart from friendship, they are connected by something else ...

  • Discussion about Cyprus

  • Intermission

  • Antti Haase

    The Master Brewer

    Director  Antti Haase - Country: Finland

    THE MASTER BREWER is a magical comeback story about Leo Andelin, who in 1963 developed the most famous food of Finland – Lapin Kulta beer. A boy from a working class family in remote Tornio, Leo grows up to become the humble gentleman of beer, who passionately nurtures his “northern beer flower”. Leo’s life’s work is destroyed in 2010 wh...

  • Lia Beltrami

    A Burst of Song

    Director  Lia Beltrami - Country: Italy

    The Golden Lion winner in Venice, Lia Beltrami, presents a story in the slums of Calcutta, where three girls manage to save themselves and pursue their dreams. "When my heart is hard and dry, come down to me, O my Lord, with a rain of indulgence. When grace is lost from life, come to me with an outburst of singing. When the noise of wo...

  • AnorMal

    Director  Luis Galan - Country: Spain

    What is stressing us today? If we were a barefoot kid on the streets of St. Louis, what would matter? AnorMal is a sample of a journey towards poverty, with lights and sounds, that enables you to feel a reality that has nothing to do with ours.  

  • Alberto Flores Vilca

    Mamapara - Mother Rain

    Director  Alberto Flores Vilca - Country: Peru

    In the highlands of Peru, he lives with his dog, Honorata Vilca, an illiterate woman of Quechua descent, dedicated to selling sweets. As the rainy season begins, she recounts parts of her life, until one afternoon something fateful happens that seems to be able to make even the skies cry.

  • Semih Sagman

    Gulab Gul

    Director  Semih Sagman - Country: Turkey

    Gullab Gul is a boy living in a remote mountain village in Afghanistan. Giulab has had no hands since birth. Since his father died, 5 years ago he has been cared for by his uncle. At some point his uncle has to go to the city for business. How will Giulab be able to cope alone?  

  • Intermission

  • No clue about the future

    Director  Melina Nafsika Efthymiou - Country: Greece

    "No clue about the future" is Melina Efthymiou's first short film documentary, shot over 2020/2021. The goal of this film is to bring to light aspects of the everyday life in the refugee camp of Samos, focusing on the portrait of an asylum seeker who lives in the camp and takes on the role of a teacher, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Raphael Schanz

    Going Alone

    Director  Raphael Schanz - Country: Germany

    A cemetery in the center of Berlin. A gravedigger who wanted to become an entertainer and is now the last companion of all those buried at the expense of the state. A chapel, a black urn and beethoven music that sounds repetitive. The undertaker sits there and waits. Sometimes people come to pay their last tribute or bring someone for the nex...

  • Tariq Tofiq Qadir

    13th of May

    Director  Tariq Tofiq Qadir - Country: Iraq

    The first demonstrations against the Ba'athist regime in Iraq began in Halabja in 1995. The inhabitants of Halabja were able to expel the Ba'ath regime from their city for 72 hours, but no one heard the cry of the people of Halabja, as a result many people were killed in complete silence and buried alive. Perhaps Halabja paid the price for he...

  • Yevheniia Kolesnykova

    The Creation Of a Symbolic Painting

    Director  Yevheniia Kolesnykova - Country: Ukraine

    The film is about the process of creating tables on the situation in Ukraine after February 24.


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