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Kalamata ShortDoc Anual Festival 27-1

Friday, 27 January 2023 - Monday, 30 January 2023

Amphitheater "Theodoros Angelopoulos" Kalamata
Εργατοϋπαλληλικό Κέντρο Καλαμάτας, Αριστομένους
Phone: 2721022376
Contact person: Creative Documentary Ceter Kalamata

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  • George Leontakianakos

    Bella Bimba

    Director  George Leontakianakos - Country: Greece

    After overcoming a series of personal and practical challenges, a dynamic and creative music teacher manages to lead her students to the international school choir competition.

  • Zoran Djordjevic

    Walls of life

    Director  Zoran Djordjevic - Country: Brazil

    This is a film about the limitless human will. The documentary is a cinematic portrait of the artist Marcos Santos, who was born with cerebral palsy. He has partially impaired speech and without the movement of arms and hands, he paints with his left foot and teaches the children of a peripheral and stigmatized neighborhood of a typical Brazi...

  • George Lampros

    Watch Your Step: Vatchemanis

    Director  George Lampros - Country: Greece

    A short documentary film about the special and unknown to most people profession of "Vatchemanis".

  • Kevin Mannens

    Malpelo: Mountain of Sharks

    Director  Kevin Mannens - Country: USA

    Days away from the closest land, lies a mythical underwater volcano. Beneath the waves: a bonanza of life. Massive shoals of fish darken the water and hundreds of sharks patrol the seamount. But like all wild places, this one too is in grave danger. Illegal fishing and sharkfinning might soon deplete this natural wonder and UNESCO heritage si...

  • Ismini Paradaki, Odyseas Pieridis, Maria Varnavidi

    Argyro's wedding dress - Three readings

    Director  Ismini Paradaki, Odyseas Pieridis, Maria Varnavidi - Country: Cyprus

    How does personal experience cease to be an individual matter and become an incentive for artistic creation? The documentary attempts to highlight the way in which History converses with Art and how a personal story, that of Argyro from Peristeronopigi, Famagusta, was a source of inspiration for a poet, two artists and a student documentary p...

  • Rena DanilouliKaterina Karpouzi

    Speechless Memory

    Director  Rena Danilouli Katerina Karpouzi - Country: Greece

    Kyriaki, a descendant of Slavophones of Macedonia, describes through family stories and personal experiences, all these reasons that lead her to a search for identity. Speaking two languages and having different feelings for each one, she flips through her family album and lets us take a sneak peek at the history of her place.

  • Spyros Vlachakis

    38 days

    Director  Spyros Vlachakis - Country: Cyprus

    "38 days" is a drama documentary recreating real-life painful experiences through the eyes of Philippos, a prisoner of war. The stories are facts told by life eyewitnesses in a diary/interview context. Philippos describes his own ordeal as a 17-year-old soldier who fought a war, was a prisoner of war, and a refugee of war. The feelings of ang...

  • Charalampos Giannakakis

    The Last Hunt

    Director  Charalampos Giannakakis - Country: Greece

    Dimitris Zannes has dedicated his life to his two great loves - his wife and the ocean. But now, witnessing an ocean in decline from the front line of his fishing boat, he wonders what kind of legacy he will leave to his sons.

  • Mariana Zarpellon


    Director  Mariana Zarpellon - Country: Brazil

    Visiting her Grandmother in Brazil, after years of living abroad, Mariana sets off for the farm where she lives. Even though everything seems the same as her childhood memories, deeper changes soon come to light, questioning her memory and the love they share.

  • This Day Won't last

    Director  Mouaad El Salem - Country: Belgium

    Authentic and raw. "This day will not last" is a diary film that meditates on longing for the future, love, freedom, opportunity, and community. Through personal homemade videos and photos, the director reflects on what it means to be young and queer in Tunisia. It draws attention to Article 230 that still exists by French colonizers to crimi...

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  • Victoria Garaeva


    Director  Victoria Garaeva - Country: Russia

    "Svet" is a film about faith, love, unity and the power of the human spirit during the siege of Leningrad. The central hero Svet Borisovich Tikhvinsky will tell us about the sufferings and struggles of the inhabitants of Leningrad, who despite the darkness that reigns in the world, are trying to strengthen the light power of their soul an...

  • Evripidis Karydis

    The Collector

    Director  Evripidis Karydis - Country: Greece

    Meet Mr. Paschalis, a retired bank employee from Halkidiki, Greece. Mr Paschalis has a passion for collecting old items. A real passion! With 2000 artifacts collected over the past 40 years, he has turned his home into a museum where he transforms into an eccentric tour guide who is always willing to do a show for his visitors.

  • Jean Behrad


    Director  Jean Behrad - Country: Canada

    Mehran is a Kurdish woman who participated in the 24-day war in Iran. The war is known as the 1979 Kurdish uprising in Iran.

  • Nicolai af Rosenborg

    Hans Hamid: Stitches of my Story

    Director  Nicolai af Rosenborg - Country: Denmark

    This documentary throws us into the unusual aesthetic process of artist Hans Hamid Rasmussen. We follow Hans Hamin's courageous journeys from Norway back to Algeria, unraveling a troubled past and a deep sense of belonging to two different but fascinating cultures.  

  • Vipul mahagaonkar


    Director  Vipul mahagaonkar - Country: India

    MUKTI [Liberation] Singing for the dead Sambhaji Bansode and his wife live in Dharavi, Mumbai. Their profession is an ancient family tradition, to sing bhajans [devotional/spiritual songs] in front of the dead body. They believe that the bhajans release the deceased and bring peace to the family that has been left behind. These songs carry th...

  • Daniel Maurer

    The Beyond

    Director  Daniel Maurer - Country: Switzerland

    The second wave of Covid significantly increased mortality in hospitals. What does this mean for the work of Mathieu , who works in the morgue of a regional hospital center? How does it relate to those people whose souls have recently left their bodies?

  • Konstantinos Gournas

    Poliani is nice thanks to all its treasures...

    Director  Konstantinos Gournas - Country: Greece

    In search of the "lost" residence of Papaflessas. A historical retrospective, through a contemporary confrontation of the experiences of its inhabitants. A space-time of modern Poliani.  

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  • Nikos Theodosiou

    You were right, man

    Director  Nikos Theodosiou - Country: Greece

    A chance meeting, seventy years later, of Roviros Manthoulis with Euripides, a comrade in EPON during the years of the German occupation, brings to light a "small" story. The tragic outcome of a group of young people who sought to continue the struggle in Athens while the fierce battles between the Republican and the Government army were ragi...

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