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Kalamata Short Doc - Oct22

Friday, 04 November 2022 - Friday, 25 November 2022

New Venue Kalamata Creative Documentary Center
Κουτσομητόπουλου 6, Καλαμάτα
Phone: +30 2721 02
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Kalamata ShortDocs presents the films of October at its new location, 6 Koutsomitopoulou Street, in Kalamata.

  • Spyros Vlachakis

    38 days

    Director  Spyros Vlachakis - Country: Cyprus

    "38 days" is a drama documentary recreating real-life painful experiences through the eyes of Philippos, a prisoner of war. The stories are facts told by life eyewitnesses in a diary/interview context. Philippos describes his own ordeal as a 17-year-old soldier who fought a war, was a prisoner of war, and a refugee of war. The feelings of ang...

  • Vera Iona Papadopoulou

    I Woke Up 18

    Director  Vera Iona Papadopoulou - Country: Greece

    Six children. Six unaccompanied children. One word marks a significant difference. Six people talk about life in the new country, Greece, a life that changes abruptly turning incredibly difficult at 18. Dreams, disillusionment, fear and hope of six young people.

  • No clue about the future

    Director  Melina Nafsika Efthymiou - Country: Greece

    "No clue about the future" is Melina Efthymiou's first short film documentary, shot over 2020/2021. The goal of this film is to bring to light aspects of the everyday life in the refugee camp of Samos, focusing on the portrait of an asylum seeker who lives in the camp and takes on the role of a teacher, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Ioannis Panayi


    Director  Ioannis Panayi - Country: Cyprus

    The film "Roots" approaches the everyday life of my grandmother, Yiannoula, in an attempt to portray a special bond between herself and two lemon trees that grow in the yard of her house, in which she lives as a refugee. It is about a bond which connects her with her beloved village, Karavas, which she cannot enjoy anymore due to the Turkish ...

  • The Blackbird

    Director  Yannis Krommydakis - Country: Greece

    Manolis Maurakis is the blackbird.

  • Katerina Patroni

    Don' t break my stones

    Director  Katerina Patroni - Country: Greece

    A Documentary about the katikés* of Paros island, Cyclades, Greece. Four people share their stories and memories from their katikés; the residences outside the main island settlements, around which Parians housed their productive agricultural activities and livestock farming.

  • Is the city dead?

    Director  Dimitra Mitsaki - Country: Greece

    ​"Is the city dead?", asked the mermaid, instead of seeking for her brother. Alexander was long lost, definitely dead but not forgotten. None remembers of the mermaid, although the city bears her name, Thessaloniki.  In this hybrid documentary, Titika (42) and Thodoris (36), both permanent residents, share their thoughts about the curren...

  • Konstantinos Potamianos

    The Call Of The Lighthouses

    Director  Konstantinos Potamianos - Country: Greece

    A documentary that describes the story of the renovation of the two southernmost lighthouses in land Europe, from the point of view of the architect who undertook their reconstruction. The project was difficult and full of unexpected incidents, but he and his team managed to complete it successfully.

  • The Awakening of the Youngsters

    Director  Sergio García Locatelli - Country: Spain

    On May 16, 2011, the most romantic way of exercising democracy in the hands of the people was experienced in the Spanish streets. It is in this context that the generations that are now resting speak to young people, inviting them to take charge of their lives and be an active part of society in crisis.

  • One fine day in Troy

    Director  Ulku Sonmez - Country: Turkey

    While the project focuses on the archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Troya, which dates back to 3500 BC, from the eyes of archaeologists for 150 years, it also shows how things are progressing and daily routines in the Troya Museum located right next to Troya Örenyeri. It presents the background of the museum and excavations, wh...

  • Islands

    Director  Desiree Alagna - Country: Italy

    A narrating voice holds the common thread of an intimate story, intertwined with the story of the Ferdinandea Island, born from a sudden eruption in 1830 off Sciacca, and disappeared after only six months. The short film mixes together different materials: the film, images from a virtual world, operational images of the study of the seabed.


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