Peloponnisos Doc Festival

Creative Documentary Center

Kalamata Short Doc - Apr22

Thursday, 05 May 2022

Kalamata Creative Documentary Center
Μπενάκη 11, Καλαμάτα
Phone: +3027210223
Contact person: Creative Documentary Ceter Kalamata

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On Saturday, May 7, Kalamata ShortDocs will present to the audience eight more films, nominated for an audience award in the annual competition. The screening - voting takes place at 20:00 at the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata.

  • Tony Oikonomou

    Seeking for agousa

    Director  Tony Oikonomou - Country: Greece

    The “seeking for  agousa” ( agousa /  Greek ἄγουσα = the path that leads you somewhere) is documenting the “solid moves” which are insinuated within a mystifying atmosphere. Traveling around the Mediterenean, we are presented with the portrait of the creator who is returning to the start point the “Mother land”, seeking for the “Sac...

  • Tasos Georgiou

    The improvise of Petros Mokas

    Director  Tasos Georgiou - Country: Greece

    Petros Mokas is a fifth generation sheep farmer, who lives in the mountains of Pindos. It preserves ''Boutsko'', a rare breed of sheep that lives in the pastures of Eastern Tzoumerka. We follow his life, music and traditions.  

  • Jer Ju Liao


    Director  Jer Ju Liao - Country: Taiwan

    At the end of 2019 COVID-19 broke out, and my wife was also diagnosed with "Triple Negative Breast Cancer". The multiple identities of wife, mother, daughter-in-law, daughter, and teacher all belong to the patient's single role in an instant. Through an optimistic perspective, record the process of illness, chemotherapy, and rebirth over the ...

  • Intermission

    A smal break for a drink or tea

  • Maria ZervoudakiChris Zafiris

    Dancing Faces

    Director  Maria Zervoudaki Chris Zafiris - Country: Greece

    Throughout the film a short glimpse of a freely improvised, dancing style, is translated and reflected into deconstructed pieces of time. A perspective of how rhythm becomes embodied and communicated through body language. Here, culture meets the essence of rhythm, as rhythm pre-existed the meaning of it. The conclusion is, as Sammy Gian says...

  • Domenika VarvaloukaDafni Trikatsoula


    Director  Domenika Varvalouka Dafni Trikatsoula - Country: Greece

    Looking for the culprit in the shadows of the Congo. A sip of ‘Mbondo is enough to convict the perpetrator in an endless rotation. The truth lies in the bark of a tree.  The film was shot during the 8th Peloponnese International Documentary Festival in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts and the Hellenic Cinematographers As...

  • Magdalini TsemperiDespoina Vaxevanidi

    The Man in the Cloud

    Director  Magdalini Tsemperi Despoina Vaxevanidi - Country: Greece

    “I think that's it… I really like being disconnected ... That it’s not  me when I sing ... That I’m not a creature, that I don’t have an identity ... That’s it ...  Like wind ... I like that”.  The man in the cloud is Dimitris Damien Papalampros. Dimitris is an actor, singer and performer and comes from Nigeria and New Orlean ...

  • Andriana PanagiotakiGiota Siapka

    Sofa: A Warrior's Galloping

    Director  Andriana Panagiotaki Giota Siapka - Country: Greece

    Michael Afolayan is a visual artist, musician, rapper, theater and circus performer. He also works as an instructor at the model circus school Circus Dayz, where he teaches basic circus techniques, and is the founder of ANASA African Cultural Center, where he teaches West African polyrhythms and promotes arts as a way of communication and emp...

  • Sosanna HatzikouKaterina Perelli

    Old Gods / New Tides

    Director  Sosanna Hatzikou Katerina Perelli - Country: Greece

    Samuel Akinola is a Greek performer-actor and musician with Kenyan and Nigerian origins. During his theatrical improvisation, he transforms himself through the use of masks. Samuel perceives and reacts to the stimuli, embarking from his attributes as an actor and performer. Through his theatrical improvisation, he invents his own new language...

  • Photis Korosiadis

    Alboury & le frere mort

    Director  Photis Korosiadis - Country: Greece

    Set against the theatre backdrop and the real world,  the film examines the assossiations of suffering  through a juxtaposition of a politically-induced performance,  a personal point of view and abstract imagery.


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