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Sparta - PIOP

Monday, 11 April 2022 - Thursday, 14 April 2022

Museum of Greek Olives and Olive Oil
Όθωνος Αμαλίας 129, Σπάρτη 231 00
Phone: 210 3256922
Contact person: ΠΙΟΠ / PIOP

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  • Dominikos Ignatiadis

    Gabriela – The German with the bicycle

    Director  Dominikos Ignatiadis - Country: Greece

    The story of a woman born in postwar Germany and her overwhelming need to live, love, and matter. A couple of years after her death, her son embarks on an in-depth inquiry into her diary, her letters, the people and the places she once knew. A trip between Stuttgart, Germany and Alexandria, Greece, with an underlying question: “What kind of l...

  • Sue CarpenterBelmaya Nepali

    I Am Belmaya

    Director  Sue Carpenter Belmaya Nepali - Country: United Kingdom

    Belmaya, dominated from all quarters, is desperate for independence. But in Nepal, men still rule and women obey. When Belmaya was 14 years old, was keen to change her discriminatory world through photography but that window closed when the home locked away her camera.Now she grasps the chance to train in documentary filmmaking training. But ...

  • Dionusia Kopana

    The Trace of Time

    Director  Dionusia Kopana - Country: Greece

    The Trace of Time is a film about time, memory, nostalgia. A film about the beauty of archeology and excavation through the post-mortem portrait of archeologist Yannis Sakellarakis. A journey in search of a man who is no longer present, through the trace he left in the places he had been to, and the people he met. A cinematic excavation that ...

  • Cleoni Flessa

    My grandfather, Papaflessas

    Director  Cleoni Flessa - Country: Greece

    A tender look at the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Papaflessas traveled to Constantinople in the age of enlightenment and romanticism, and became a member of the revolutionary organization “Filiki Eteria” (Society of Friends), taking on the task of inciting his compatriots against the Ottoman Empire. What sets the heroes apart? Can th...

  • Stauros Psilakis


    Director  Stauros Psilakis - Country: Greece

     Α tribute to friendship by a sinful angel. “Every person we meet in our lives is a journey and we often feel from the beginning whether we will travel with them first class, or without luggage and with empty pockets”. Alekos Zoukas is a much loved man, a reveler and at the same time a deeply thoughtful person. A man you can hardly forge...

  • Héctor Carré

    Clown’s Planet

    Director  Héctor Carré - Country: Spain

    The film director shows us the world of activist clowns from refugee camps in Holy land to a church devoted to worship a rubber duck in Madrid and hospitals and orphanages in Russia. He becomes himself a clown in a crew commanded by Patch Adams to think about faith, magic, laughter, love and the healing powers of the way clowns face existence.


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