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Saturday, 09 April 2022 - Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Cine-Theater Pantheon
Δημ. Γούναρη 34, Πάτρα 262 22
Phone: 6946180636
Contact person: Νίκος Καββαδίας / Nikos Kavvadias

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  • Francesca Borghetti

    Climbing Iran

    Director  Francesca Borghetti - Country: Italy

    Nasim has strong hands adorned with hot-pink fingernail polish. She is the pioneer of outdoor climbing in Iran, where women should train in their veils on ‘indoor’ walls only, during set hours, and only among other women. The film portraits an extra-ordinary woman determined to push the barriers opposing her passion, whether they are physical...

  • Cláudia Varejão

    Amor Fati

    Director  Cláudia Varejão - Country: Portugal

    These are portraits of couples, friends, families and animals with their owners. They share the intimacy of daily life, habits, beliefs, tastes and even some physical traits. Drawn from everyday life the «Αμορ Φατι» portrays a chorus of affections and the collective memory of a country, summoned Aristophanes' speech at Plato's Banquet: «Isn't...

  • Barak Heymann

    High Maintenance - The Life and Work of Dani Karavan

    Director  Barak Heymann - Country: Israel

    Dani Karavan has created nearly 100 environmental installations all across the world and won the most prestigious international art awards. Yet Karavan is far from satisfied. His monumental structures are deteriorating, his advanced age is starting to catch up with him, the political climate in Israel is driving him mad and he becomes embroil...

  •  Angelik Kourounis

    Golden Dawn, A Public Affair

    Director   Angelik Kourounis - Country: Greece

    How to resist? What sort of action to adopt against nazism, fascism and the extreme right? Can Democracy still eradicate them once and for all without bending its own principles? How to fight back? Is the solution to be given by the courts? A political blockade from all political parties? A media boycott? Raising social awareness? A better ed...

  • Marcelo Díaz


    Director  Marcelo Díaz - Country: Brazil

    Maria Luiza da Silva is the first transgender in the history of Brazilian Armed Forces. After 22 years of work as military, she was retired due to disability. The movie investigates the motivations for her prohibition to wear the feminine uniform and her trajectory into affirmation as a transgender, military and Catholic woman.

  • Robynne Murphy

    Women of Steel

    Director  Robynne Murphy - Country: Australia

    Wollongong, New South Wales,1980: Denied jobs at the steelworks, the city's main employer, working class/migrant women refused discrimination. Their 14-year campaign for the right to work pitted them against BHP, the richest and most powerful company in Australia. In Women of Steel, they tell their personal stories – from the unemployment lin...

  • John Appel

    Once The Dust Settles

    Director  John Appel - Country: Netherlands

    Three places destroyed by a major disaster: Amatrice in central Italy by an earthquake, Chernobyl in Ukraine by a nuclear catastrophe, and Aleppo by war. Once the Dust Settles shows what happens when the dust has settled, and the camera crews have left. The film centers around the evocative stories of survivors who are trying to rebuild their...

  • Christos Barbas

    Through the Window Glass, Three Acts

    Director  Christos Barbas - Country: Greece

    In May 2020, during the first Greek lockdown, the staff and residents of a nursing home in Agios Stefanos, north of Athens, experienced an additional and simultaneous confinement for two months after sealing off the unit as a precaution. This was a unique action at national and European level, and perhaps even globally up to then.

  • James Kicklighter

    The Sound Of Identity

    Director  James Kicklighter - Country: USA

    In the spotlight of global media coverage, the first transgender woman ever to perform as Don Giovanni in a professional opera, makes her historic debut in one of the reddest states in the U.S

  • Denis Bojic

    Some New Broadway

    Director  Denis Bojic - Country: Bosnia-and-Herzegovina

    The film follows six people with Down syndrome in Bosnia and Herzegovina who, overcoming numerous obstacles, are among the first in Southeast Europe to become students in a professional acting school, thus breaking down prejudices and barriers about the possibilities and abilities of people with Down syndrome. An amazing film story about the...

  • Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

    No Heroes

    Director  Giorgos Vitsaropoulos - Country: Greece

    No Heroes is a documentary on wheelchair basketball and its fluid relationship to disability. The movie records extensive snapshots from a 7 month period of the yearly “life cycle” of ASKA Marousi, a wheelchair basketball team from Athens, Greece. The team agreed for a movie crew to follow all of its proceedings during the 2018-19 season, al...

  • Petar Bojovic


    Director  Petar Bojovic - Country: Republic of Serbia

    In Belgrade in Serbia, Diana, Sam and Felix operate a grass roots NGO. Over the years they have worked with the migrants making the perilous journey on their way to Western Europe, providing them with the essential items, food and clothing they need to survive. Εver since the closure of the Balkan Route, they start their journey, from Turkey ...

  • Hannah Schweier

    80.000 Schnitzel

    Director  Hannah Schweier - Country: Germany

    Berta Zenefels (84) has barely ever left her beloved farm the «Zollhaus» in Bavaria, where she fried thousands of Schnitzel’s in the kitchen for her guests. During her lifetime she had to bury her firstborn son, her husband, her grand-son and her youngest son. But without a successor the heavily indebted farm is threatened with bankruptcy.&nb...

  • Andri Snaer Magnason, Anni Ólafsdóttir

    Hero's Journey to the Third Pole - A Bipolar Musical Documentary with Elephants

    Director  Andri Snaer Magnason, Anni Ólafsdóttir - Country: Iceland

    The film follows Anna Tara Edwards, an Icelander raised in Nepal, and legendary musician Högni Egilsson, as they journey to Anna’s childhood home in the mountain jungles to explore the afflictions and superpowers that come with bipolar disorder. Theirs mission… to raise awareness about the disease and come to terms with the impact it has had ...

  • Antonio Spano


    Director  Antonio Spano - Country: Belgium

    The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed almost 1 in 2 people on Earth. Yet one in six Congolese people suffer from hunger. Yet one in two Congolese suffers from moderate acute malnutrition. Yet agriculture accounts for 70% of the population there. Faced with this paradox, the peasants regroup in agricultural cooperativ...

  • Yeong R. Chen

    Phil's Journey

    Director  Yeong R. Chen - Country: Taiwan

    In 1998, Phil Tchernegovski, a New Zealander drifted alone in Taiwan to look for his missing son. Although his son was never found after many fruitless searches, Phil gained love and friendship from many Taiwanese. Kindness between people is regardless of nations and races, and it’s a human nature that touches us all. This documentary tries t...

  • David Klammer


    Director  David Klammer - Country: Germany

    Barricade is a documentary on the occupation of the Dannenrod Forest in Hessen, which was evicted in Dec 2020. It shows the live of the activists in the forest and the treehouses, they´ve build up to 30 meter high in the branches, but mainly their fight for a better climate in the future. With their hearts and guts.

  • Areum Parkkang

    Areum Married

    Director  Areum Parkkang - Country: COM_DOCUMENTARIES_TITLE_KoreaSout

    While working on her first documentary film, director Areum meets an activist and chef, Seongman, and gets married. After getting married, she takes Seongman with her to study in France. Seongman falls into depression as not being able to read or speak the language nor work. After the birth of their baby, Areum starts concentrating on her stu...

  • Héctor Carré

    Clown’s Planet

    Director  Héctor Carré - Country: Spain

    The film director shows us the world of activist clowns from refugee camps in Holy land to a church devoted to worship a rubber duck in Madrid and hospitals and orphanages in Russia. He becomes himself a clown in a crew commanded by Patch Adams to think about faith, magic, laughter, love and the healing powers of the way clowns face existence.

  • Stephan Hilpert

    Congo Calling

    Director  Stephan Hilpert - Country: Germany

    In eastern Congo, three European development aid workers are forced to question what it means to help. Raúl, a French-Spanish economist doing research on rebel groups, realizes that he is leading his Congolese colleagues into great temptation with his project funds,  Peter from Germany, after 30 years in Africa, reaches retirement age an...

  • Radu Ciorniciuc

    My home

    Director  Radu Ciorniciuc - Country: Romania

    In the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, just outside the bustling metropolis, an 11-member family lives in total harmony with nature, following the cycle of seasons. When the area is transformed into a national park, they are forced to abandon their unconventional modus vivendi and adapt to the alienated modern world, where fishing is repla...


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