The Awards Nominations of the1st International Kalamata Short Doc Film Festival

Creative Documentary Center

The 1st Kalamata International Short Doc Film Festival will take place 27-30 January and it will feature 90 films from 32 countries and 40 Greek films, along with educational seminars for students, an oral history seminar and several other events.

The festival is organized by the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata and the Municipality of Kalamata.

The films will receive 10 awards on the 30/1 at 21:00 Athens Timezone. The preliminary committee watched 430+ films and decided on the nominations and finalist films that screened for the past year at the Creative Documentary Center towards being selected for the annual event. This committee includes filmmakers and members of the Center along with university students from the Audio Visual & Filmmaking sector in Greece, promoting the inclusivity of young artists and their critical thinking towards their own works.  

89 finalist films will be awarded two Audience Choice Awards for Best Greek and International Documentary which will be resulted by the audience voting in the theaters and online.The Audience Choice Αward is made by the well-known sculptor Christos Riganas. 

The Best Director Award will be awarded by 3 person committee from the Greek Directors Guild, the directors Vouvoula Skoura, Lena Voudouri and Lucas Paleokrasas. 

The nominated directors:

● Antti Haase “The Master Brewer” / Finland
● Edris Abdi “Laboratory NO.2” / Irak
● Tatiana Mavromati & Laura Maragkoudaki “Live-in” / Greece
● Perwîz Rostemi “Seven Symphonies Of Zagros”/ Iran
● Theo Panagopoulos “The Place between Was & Will Be” / Greece
● Katerina Patroni “Don’t Break My Stones” / Greece 
● Alberto Flores Vilca “Mamapara - Mother Rain”/ Peru 
● Vicky Markolefa “INDIGENIUS LOCI”/ Greece
● Pia Strømme “Charlie Surfer”/ Norway
● Abbas Ghazali “Smile of the mask” / Iran

The Firstcomer Film Award will be awarded by Greek Documentary Association Hellas Doc by a 3 person committee, the directors Anna Antonopoulou, Stathis Galazoulas and Dionysia Kopana.

The nominated directors:

  • Jenny Tsiropoulou “Carols” / Greece 
  • Helena Malak “At night I walk”/ France
  • Stelios Dimitriou “Motive” / Cyprus
  • Semih Sağman “Gulab Gul” / Turkey

The Best Cinematography Award will be awarded by the Greek Cinematographers Society and the 3-person committee Giorgos Frentzos, Dionysis Efthimiopoulos and Stelios Apostolopoulos.

The nominated cinematographers:

  • Aware Omar “Laboratory NO.2” / Irak 
  • Ãlvaro Sanz Pascual “Dajla: cinema and oblivion” / Spain 
  • Afif Hanna Amireh “Women at the Sepulchure” / Italy 
  • Charalambos Giannakakis “The Last Hunt” / Greece
  • Ali Chakaroun “Postponed” / Lebanon 
  • Alberto Flores Vilca “Mamapara - Mother Rain” / Peru
  • Vicky Markolefa “INDIGENIUS LOCI” / Greece 
  • Christos Nikolareas “Don’t Break My Stones” / Greece
  • Mikko Leinonen “The Master Brewer” / Finland 
  • Perwiz Rostemi “Seven Symphonies Of Zagros” / Iran

The Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University is the one responsible for several awards, such as the Best Greek/Cypriot Student Film that will be also include a rental prize by Rent Photo Video, the International Student FIlm, Best Editing and Best Sound Design. The 3 person committee consists by the professors Iakovos Panagopoulos, Apostolos Loufopoulos and Konstantinos Tiligadis.

The nomination for Best Greek/Cypriot Student Films:

  • “No clue about the future” by Melina Naysika Euthimiou / Greece
  • “Speechless Memory” by Rena Danilouli / Greece
  • “SKG + Drag = BFF?” by Eleftherios Hajianastasioo / Greece
  • “Roots” byIoanni Panayi / Cyprus
  • “The Aging Land” by Dimitris Trompoukis & Giorgos Oikonomou / Greece 

The nominations for Best International Student Films:

  • “Gulab Gul” by Semih Sağman / Turkey
  • “Turning Man - 81RPM” by Robin Trouillet / Germany
  • “The Farmer” by Eko Fitri Yulyanto / Indonesia
  • “Going Alone” by Raphael Schanz / Germany
  • “Happy Independence Day”by Ville Ilmari Seppänen / Finland

The nominations for Best Editing:

  • Theo Panagopoulos &  Erica Monde “The Place between Was & Will Be” / Greece
  • Abbas Ghazali “Smile of the mask” / Iran 
  • Charalampos Giannakakis “The Last Hunt” / Greece
  • Mikko Sippola “The Master Brewer” / Finland 
  • Vetle Strøm  “Charlie Surfer”/ Norway

The nominations for Best Sound Design:

  • Edris Abdi “Laboratory NO.2” / Irak
  • Mesab ‘Ebbasî &  Aresh Ghasemi  “Seven Symphonies Of Zagros”/ Iran
  • Semih Sağman  “Gulab Gul” / Turkey
  • Mind The Bump Productions “INDIGENIUS LOCI” / Greece
  • Artur Cyaneto & Emílio Alicante “Portuguese Sea” / Portugal

Kalamata Short Docs really wants to encourage underage creators and schools to develop their knowledge and start creating more films. Along with educational and practical seminar, we are promoting an Best Film by an Underage Creator Award. The committee consists of the Creative Director of the Regional Municipal Theater of Kalamata, Giannis Margaritis, the director of the Secondary Education in Messinia, Agapios Oikonomidis and two notable educators Dimitris Sarris and Vasiliki Chrysanthakopoulou.

The films nominated:

  • “The Call Of The Lighthouses” by Konstantinos Potamianos / Greece
  • “The Anxieties” by Anezka Kozlova & Matyáš Lada / Czech Republic
  • “Argyro’s Wedding Dress” by the Gymnasium of Aglatzia / Cyprus

Members of the committees will be present on the 30/1 when they will give the awards and present their point of view over the films.









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