"Claiming Freedom" in the 64th Zinebi Film Festival

Creative Documentary Center

A colaboration between Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival and the Basque Zinebi Film Festival

The modular documentary is finished and will premiere at the 64th Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao, one of the most important and long standing film festivals in the world.

The film is coproduced by the two film festivals and ERT (Greek National Television). It is a modular documentary by 3 Greek and 3 Basque filmmakers with the title "Claiming Freedom" of 94'. The Greek committee chose the projects "Exit Within" by Giorgos Danopoulos, "Kalavrita - Gouernica" by Ismini Sakellaropoulou and "On This Wondrous Sea" by Kalliopi Legaki. The Basque projects chosen were "Seamos Francos (To be honest)" by Marisol Gil Antillano & Aleix Aguilá, " The Other Light" by Paula Gómez González and "Transfer" by Marcos Urquijo Yáñez.

The colaboration between the two film festivals started two years ago with the exchange of documentaries, Greek and Basque that were screened at the 7th Peldocfest and the 63rd ZINEBI. Since then the two festivals began exploring ways to promote the works of their filmmakers, but also to promote the communication and the collaboration between them. That's why they organized the unique cooproduction project that is now ready and will be screened on November 12th at the 64th Zinebi Film Festival in Bilbao. At the festival there will be present the Greek and Basque creators along with representatives of Peloponnisos Doc Film Festical: The creative director, Gina Petropoulou, the director and creative consultant Cleoni Flessa and two members of the new Kalamata Short Dos Film Festival: Gogo Kalogeropoulou and the creative director, Kyriakos Liarakos. Gina Petropoulou will take part in a round table discussion between women creative directors of film festivals around Europe, talking about ways to collaborate with each other.

The documentary will also be presented in Greece during the 9th Pelponnisos International Doc Film Festival at Fall 2023. The premiere for television will be in ERT that is one of the cooproducers.

Exit Within | Giorgos Danopoulos

A painting workshop brings six people into contact with art. Their living conditions lead them to find a way out through art, yet they are not able to share their works with potential recipients. A narrator, having shared experiences, accompanies the images and sounds of a six-week journey, until the moment their works are completed.

Kalavrita - Guernica | Ismini Sakellaropoulou
Two towns that have been characterized as symbols of resistance in the past have the same kind of history: both attacked by Adolf Hitler. The documentary tries to connect the two towns through their remarkable similarities and stories.

On This Wondrous Sea | Kalliopi Legaki
Maria Katsikadakou, aka Cyber, a woman who, having realized very early — at the age of 15, her lesbian identity, fights for the conquest and recognition of her sexual rights, in a society who is still tied to stereotypes and prejudices. Today — thirty years after her first statements and her participation in massive movements of the wide homosexual community — Maria, compelling and enthusiastic, remains an outstanding activist in Greece who keeps on fighting for her sexuality, claiming freedom, equality and respect.

Seamos Francos (To be honest) | Marisol Gil Antillano & Aleix Aguilá
A cinematic correspondence between the two directors that wander and share their deepest thoughts about the hidden history of their country.

La ótra luz (The Other Light)| Paula Gómez González
It all starts with a collision. In a natural world in which everything gravitates slowly, the technological trend also claims its place. In this context in which spiritual values collide with the digital world, what light prevails? In this interconnected world, is it possible to break free from the digital current that surrounds us?

Transfer | Marcos Urquijo Yáñez
The exhumation and subsequent removal by helicopter of the dictator Francisco Franco in 2019. The transfer of the Head of State’s power designed by Franco, and Juan Carlos I’s acceptance to act as his successor on the basis “of the legitimacy of 1936”, kept the Monarchy bound to the wishes of the dictator, since this driving force was never relinquished during the Transition. Until such time, the helicopter carrying the dictator through our history will continue to fly over the people in a deafening racket.




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