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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

Mujereando. The lament of a goddess

A group of homeless women find the best of the therapies in the theater: a place where they bare their souls, manage to escape from their reality and gradually become empowered. In the previous weeks to the new play premiere, we meet these goddesses, who have to face adversity every day, and now face a new challenge: getting on stage and transmitting their message through the theater. Will they audience gave them a standing ovation?

SCREENINGS: 21.06 KALAMATA 23:00  /  21.07 KYLOKASTRO 21:00

  • Credits:
    • Director and Writer: Carmen Tamayo
    • Assistant director, editor, cinematography: Manu Leon
    • Cinematography: Jorge Pérez Gago
    • Executive Producer: María Tamayo
    • Production Designer and wardrobe: Nuria Dorado
    • Music by: Pablo Trujillo
    • Sound editing and mixing: Carlos Ruiz
    • Hair and makeup: Laura Gamón
    • Poster and still photography: Jose María Saborido
    • Art Direction: Irene Dorado
    • Communication: Miguel Ángel Parra
  • Awards

    Best International Documentary Feature film at Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival 2020

    *Data is limited to before submission to PelDocFest


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