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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

Photographer of War

Jan Grarup lives a life in a state of emergency: As a war photographer, he often risks his life, while he back home in Copenhagen is a father of four. He suddenly finds himself the sole parent when his ex-wife falls seriously ill with cancer. His work in the urban warzone of Mosul, where Jan Grarup follows the advance of the Iraqi forces against Islamic State, must be balanced with his life as a father and sole provider. Jan has to rebuild the trust of his children after many years of living a fleeting lifestyle, but he still wishes to be the best war photographer in the world.  But how do IEDs and snipers fit into being responsible for four children? And being an ordinary family? Photographer of War is a psychological portrait of a man that has documented the horrors of war for 25 years, but who suddenly has to face a new, internal struggle.

SCREENINGS: 21.06 GYTHEION 23:00 / 25.06 SPARTA (PIOP) 22:00 / 01.07 KALAMATA 23:00  /  28.07 PATRAS 21:00 


  • Credits:

    Director: Boris Benjamin Bertram


    Producer: Patricia Drati, Sonja Lindén, Katrine Philp 
    Katrine A. Sahlstrøm, Kaspar Astrup Schröder 

    Music by:  Tobias Wilner

    Cinematography by: Boris B. Bertram, Henrik Ipsen,Thøger Kappel,
    Tony Lauge Madsen, Adam Morris Philp, Marcel Zyskind

    Editing by: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen

    Sound Department: Janne Laine

    Visual Effects by: Jesper Banner 

    Still photographer: Jan Grarup

    Additional Crew: Signe Skov Thomsen, Maria Helga Stürup 


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