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The film is available for a certain number of online screenings during the festival.

Ez, eskerrik asko! Gladys' Window

In June of 1979, after the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island (Harrisburg, USA), the international anti-nuke movement organised various mobilisations all over the world. In te Basque Country, where four nuclear power plants were slated, it was decided to organise a Day of Action in Tudela.

Gladys del Estal Ferreño went to that protest event but did not return. A shot from a Civil Guard ended her life in that peaceful and officially sanctioned protest. This documentary, aims to provide a portrait of who this 23-year-old girl was and how the events took place. On the other hand, it also portrays the resistance movement against the building of nuclear power plants in the Basque Country and around the world.

  • Credits:
    • Director: Bertha Gaztelumendi
    • Writer: Sabino Ormazabal
    • Producer: Silvia Mendibil
    • Executive Producer: Ane Antoñanzas
    • Editors: Inge Mendioroz and Raúl López
    • Music: composer Dani Venegas
    • Sound Post Production: Koldo Corella and Joselu Rubio
    • Sound: Pablo Bueno and Danel Ciaurriz
    • Camera: Carole Sainsard, Iñigo Sbeltza,
      Juanfe Garcés and Silvia Mendibil


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