2022 Films

Peloponnisos International Documentary Film Festival
  • A Burst of Song

    A Burst of Song

    Director Lia Beltrami - Country: Italy

    In the slums of Calcutta, three girls manage to rescue themselves by pursuing their dreams. “When the heart is hard and parched up, come upon me with a shower of mercy. When grace is lost from life, come with a burst of song. Come to me, my lord of silence, with thy peace and rest.” (R. Tagore) This is Kolkata: it vibrates on Tagore's verses,...



    Director Νίκος Θεοδοσίου - Country: Greece

    A chance meeting, seventy years later, of Roviros Manthoulis with Euripides, a competitor in EPON during the years of German occupation, brings to light a "small" story. The tragic ranking of a group of young people who sought to continue the struggle in Athens while the fierce battles between the Democratic and the Government army were ragin...

  • A story in 14 words

    A story in 14 words

    Director Eirini Steirou - Country: Greece

    In this hybrid first person account, a Greek islander opens up to his filmmaker granddaughter about his violent coming-of-age as a refugee, warrior and political prisoner in North Africa during WWII. An experimental representation of personal war memory that combines home movie and archival footage.

  • Ahl ar-Ra'y - People Of Opinion

    Ahl ar-Ra'y - People Of Opinion

    Director Vanessa Broummana - Country: Greece

    "Languages stand in the way of my right to express my opinions freely."Words of a teenager that circumstances brought him to live in the "house of multilingualism".The temporary accommodation facilities for unaccompanied minors, managed by the ARSIS Social Youth Support Organization, in Epirus, Greece Branch, house teenagers from Syria, Afgha...

  • Alboury & le frere mort

    Alboury & le frere mort

    Director - Country: Greece

    Set against the theatre backdrop and the real world,  the film examines the assossiations of suffering  through a juxtaposition of a politically-induced performance,  a personal point of view and abstract imagery.

  • And while they were growing, I felt like I was shrinking

    And while they were growing, I felt like I was shrinking

    Director Eleftheria Panousi - Country: Greece

    A diary-like narration that follows the process of caring for, and growing seeds, triggers correlations on body, gender, fear and stereotypes that manifest as insecurities and existential quests.

  • April Days

    April Days

    Director David Roger Juan - Country: Spain

    One more day for a family during confinement caused by COVID-19.

  • Argyro's wedding dress - Three readings

    Argyro's wedding dress - Three readings

    Director Ismini Paradaki, Odyseas Pieridis, Maria Varnavidi, Diamanto - Ilektra Konstantinou, Maria Moleski, Giorgos Kolokotronis - Country: Cyprus

    Πώς το προσωπικό βίωμα παύει να είναι ατομική υπόθεση και γίνεται κίνητρο για καλλιτεχνική δημιουργία; Το ντοκιμαντέρ επιχειρεί να αναδείξει τον τρόπο με τον οποίο η Ιστορία συνδιαλέγεται με την Τέχνη και το πώς μια προσωπική ιστορία, αυτή της Αργυρώς από την Περιστερωνοπηγή Αμμοχώστου, αποτέλεσε πηγή έμπνευσης για έναν ποιητή, δύο εικαστικού...

  • Ashes Wood and Stardust

    Ashes Wood and Stardust

    Director Tom Ehrhardt - Country: Germany

    Where do we come from? Where do we go? While carpentering, beekeeping and going on joyrides in his funny car, Mr. Bulisch answers the big questions of his life.

  • At Last I Have a Voice

    At Last I Have a Voice

    Director Anne Fortune - Country: USA

    Three testimonies from survivors of sexual assault/abuse.

  • Attila


    Director Omid Shenavar - Country: Iran

    A harassed dog is found by animal helpers near a small village in Iran, they take him to the shelter and cure his disease but soon they find out Attila the dog suffers from an infected leg. As the helpers don't want his leg to be cut off They manage to send Attila to Us via an unbelievable story.

  • Azadi


    Director Jean Behrad - Country: Canada

    Mehran is a Kurdish woman who participated in the 24 days war in Iran. The war is known as the 1979 Kurdish Rebellion in Iran.

  • Back to Life

    Back to Life

    Director Alexia Tsouni - Country: Greece

    Athens, Holy Saturday 2020, first lockdown, but also first day of freedom for a severely abused woman. The true story of 32-year-old “Suehir”, who managed to escape from her husband, with the help of another woman, and applied for asylum in Greece. We follow her from the morning, when her detention ends, to midnight, when she celebrates her “...

  • Ballada for Galilei

    Ballada for Galilei

    Director Ralitza Dimitrova - Country: Bulgaria

    Bum or genius, sage or madman - Galilei Simeonov lives above human gossip and definitions. He is a 91-year-old professor at the Academy of Arts who choose to live in the countryside, among his paintings. In our meetings Galileo shares bits of his life and his thoughts on art, on the great personalities of human history, on the meaning of the ...

  • Bella Bimba

    Bella Bimba

    Director George Leontakianakos - Country: Greece

    After overcoming a series of personal and practical challenges, a dynamic and creative music teacher, manages to lead her students to the international school choir competition.

  • Beranaza


    Director Rasool Davari Dolatabadi, Alikhan Asadi - Country: Iran

    Some say he has seen the face the Prophet and his first three Imams, others claim that he is a delusional old man, others that he is just sick – this recluse. And yet, Beranaza (known as Berry) roams the deserts of Lorestān despite the hearsay spread in those adjacent townships. He believes, and he pays no heed as to whether you believe his b...

  • Black Canvas

    Black Canvas

    Director Shirin Ekhlasi - Country: Iran

    Mohamed, a refugee from Guinea who has fled his country due to his opposition to the Guinean government, is seeking a good, new life in Germany. Although he lost his pregnant wife along the way, he tries to forget his past by learning how to paint. While everything seems to be going well, some obstacles are being placed in the way of his stay...

  • Bullets in Paradise

    Bullets in Paradise

    Director Violet J Dempsey - Country: USA

    This documentary explores how teens' mental health is negatively affected by active shooter drills, and how nonchalantly they are handled in school environments.

  • BUTTERFLIES IN THE SKIES:  the Cretan rhymes

    BUTTERFLIES IN THE SKIES: the Cretan rhymes

    Director Yiannis Markakis - Country: Greece

    In the film "Butterflies in the skies : the Cretan rhymes" folk poets, singers as well as writers and academics present the poetic genre of ‘’mantinada’’, the process of its creation and transmission as well as its role in the living cultural environment of Crete. The Cretan “mantinada’’ will be shortly inscribed in the national list of intan...

  • Can I love you

    Can I love you

    Director - Country: China

    It shows the discrimination against gender bias and a series of complex contradictions in the real Chinese context. The Creator shows the soft, moist, fragile but strong and brave self as a sexual minority from a private perspective in the form of private images.

  • Carols


    Director Jenny Tsiropoulou - Country: Greece

    Nikos does not get to experience human contact, nor the joy of saving lives. He studied medicine but went on to become a forensic medical examiner. The cadavers he examines whisper their stories. As he grows older and his kids grow up, his fear of death weighs heavier. It’s a rainy New Year’s Eve, and the morgue is full. Nikos is hopeful. Wil...

  • Charlie Surfer

    Charlie Surfer

    Director Pia Strømme - Country: Norway

    Charlie is 10 years old and diagnosed with Aspergers. He is proud of his disgnosis but sometimes he wishes he could be more like the other boys in his class. Feeling different makes him feel left out at times. Because of his Aspergers Charlie struggles with team sports. But he has found two things he loves to do, surfing and dancing. We follo...

  • Chats with Felix

    Chats with Felix

    Director Mitar Terzic - Country: Republic of Montenegro

    A dialogue through time, talks between two people who belong to different times.Felix Laforest's life and mine crossed paths when he took my first photographs in his atelier. Almost 60 years later, I had the opportunity to re-enter the same studio, abandoned for decades. Time seemed to stand still in that space. Thousands of photographs taken...

  • Closing time

    Closing time

    Director Igor Toholj - Country: Republic of Serbia

    Panagiotis Giannikis and his parents have a hotel on the island of Thassos. For years, they have been working hard during the entire tourist season, which has been going on in Greece for a long time. The season is over, and a strong cyclone named Zorba is doing great damage along the coasts of Attica and the Peloponnese, and the Giannikis fam...

  • Dajla: cinema and oblivion

    Dajla: cinema and oblivion

    Director Arturo Dueñas Herrero - Country: Spain

    Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. The celebration of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotony. The event ends, life (and oblivion) continues.

  • Dancing Faces

    Dancing Faces

    Director - Country: Greece

    Throughout the film a short glimpse of a freely improvised, dancing style, is translated and reflected into deconstructed pieces of time. A perspective of how rhythm becomes embodied and communicated through body language. Here, culture meets the essence of rhythm, as rhythm pre-existed the meaning of it. The conclusion is, as Sammy Gian says...

  • Detached


    Director Stephan Bookas - Country: New-Zealand

    A quiet and candid meditation, "Detached" is a documentary film depicting life on New Zealand's picturesque railway lines, where the beauty of the landscape is set against the stark reality of regular fatalities on the tracks.

  • Devotion


    Director Alexis Rummler - Country: Greece

    Following 24 hours a family from Greece , Salamina a small island outside of Athens. This family lives in a unique way . They have reached a state of perfect happiness , practising every day complete devosion to the God Krihna.

  • Digital Champions leading the fight against FGM in Tanzania

    Digital Champions leading the fight against FGM in Tanzania

    Director Steven Hervieu - Country: Tanzania

    Girls at risk of FGM in Mara, Tanzania live in very remote villages, far from the rule of law. Digital Champions help map these villages to ensure girls can be found quickly, especially in the middle of the night when most calls for urgent help are received, particularly during the “cutting season”. They also educate their communities and rep...

  • Dreyfus Drei

    Dreyfus Drei

    Director Ella Dreyfus, Janis Westphal - Country: Australia

    Australian Jewish artist Ella Dreyfus grew up with little knowledge of her family’s tragic losses in the Holocaust. She sets out to uncover their history through her uncle George in Melbourne and her cousin Jonathan in Berlin, whilst finding her own way of re-connecting to Germany.

  • Dusty Nation

    Dusty Nation

    Director Kang Le - Country: China

    An experimental documentary film about China.

  • Ekai - short

    Ekai - short

    Director Arantza Ibarra Basañez - Country: Spain

    A short documentary depicting the story of young transgender boy Ekai Lersundi, who took his own life in 2018 after struggling with the bureaucracy surrounding hormone replacement therapy assignment

  • For Robin

    For Robin

    Director George Ayvazyan - Country: USA

    A group of performers reflect on the influence that the work, life, and legacy of Robin Williams has had their own personal and creative endeavors. George Ayvazyan's "thank you" letter to Robin and a celebration of the man who was cherished by all.

  • God's Buffalo

    God's Buffalo

    Director Bishnu Kalpit - Country: Nepal

    Homan Singh Shivabhakti makes out a living by farming in the hills of Sindhupalchowk district, east of Kathmandu. He loves and worships his buffalo which has brought him all the good things in his life. All is well until devastating floods ravage the area. Homan Singh's buffalo disappears.

  • Going Alone

    Going Alone

    Director Raphael Schanz - Country: Germany

    A cemetery in the centre of Berlin. An undertaker who actually wanted to become an entertainer. And who is now the last companion of all those who are buried by the state authorities. A chapel in which a black urn is laid out and Beethoven playing on a continuous loop. The undertaker sits there and waits. Sometimes people come to pay their la...

  • Hans Hamid: Stitches of my Story

    Hans Hamid: Stitches of my Story

    Director Nicolai af Rosenborg - Country: Denmark

    This short documentary throws us into the unusually aesthetic process of artist Hans Hamid Rasmussen. We follow Hans Hamid´s courageous trips from Norway back to Algeria, unraveling a troubled past and a deep sense of belonging for two divergent, yet fascinating cultures.

  • Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis

    Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis

    Director Charalambos Margaritis - Country: Greece

    The city of Hermoupolis, capital of Syros is located at the center of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. In its history one can find all the elements that shaped contemporary Greece. This is an animated documentary telling its story. Ερμούπολη, η πρωτεύουσα της Σύρου, στο κέντρο του νησιωτικού συμπλέγματος των Κυκλάδων, στην Ελλάδα. ...

  •  HERCULES of the 21st Century

    HERCULES of the 21st Century

    Director Panagiotis Athinaios - Country: Greece

    A person who wonders himself, in Athens, Greece of today, as Hercules, making appearances as Hercules, making movies as Hercules, photographed by tourists as Hercules. A comparison with the legend of ancient Hercules and the Hercules of today.

  • Here. Today. Again

    Here. Today. Again

    Director Aitor Gametxo Zabala - Country: Spain

    Two boys meet during the city's festivities. The first look is going to be special for both of them, but they will remember it in a different way. A documentary essay on memory and representation.

  • House of Light

    House of Light

    Director - Country: Bangladesh

    House of Light is an intimate portrait of one family’s daily life when forced to remain together in their apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh during the Covid-19 health crisis. Filmed by the director on his mobile phone during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the documentary transcends the quotidian and illuminates the everyday with moments...

  • How Much is Life in the Mangrove Worth?

    How Much is Life in the Mangrove Worth?

    Director Lucas Oliveira de Jesus - Country: Brazil

    "How Much is Life in the Mangrove Worth?" exposes reports from fishermen and representatives of the community of Cubatao (Brazil - SP) on the environmental impacts that affect daily the population that lives on the banks of the mangroves of the Casqueiro River and has fishing as their main means of subsistence.

  • How to train an antihero

    How to train an antihero

    Director Yannis Bletas - Country: Greece

    Antihero: is the main character in a story who lacks conventional heroic qualities and passively dependent from someone else. A group of young antiheroes with disabilities, trying to know more about acting in theater stage. Through their obvious love for it decide to put on a theatrical performance based on improvised scenes centered on super...

  • I have a dream a movie dream

    I have a dream a movie dream

    Director ShiJie Weng - Country: Spain

    We all have a dream but not always the possibility of making it true. Even so, we must have the courage and maturity to try to achieve it.

  • I won’t remain alone

    I won’t remain alone

    Director - Country: Iran

    An old disabled couple living in a small village in the northern part of Iran, face an unfathomable tragedy when their youngest son falls into a coma after an accident. Defying the Islamic traditions of burial, overcoming problems of red tape, and turning devastation into hope, the parents agree to donate their son’s organs. Five years after ...



    Director VICKY MARKOLEFA - Country: Greece

    The film INDIGENIUS LOCI explores the interface of man and nature. Vasilis Fourkiotis, deep ecologist, shepherd and sociologist strides across his ancestral lands immersed in spiritual reflections of a postmodern world. Psychogeography, Documentary.

  • Invisible


    Director Zofia Pregowska - Country: Poland

    90-year-old Krystyna, lives in the tiny apartment surrounded by books and writing pads. That’s remarkable in itself since Krystyna is almost blind, but that doesn’t stop this still vital woman from writing passionate and eloquent poetry that celebrates life. She scrawls her poems herself, but this turns out to be an unreliable method because ...

  • It's Still Autumn

    It's Still Autumn

    Director FARZANEH FATHI - Country: Iran

    In recent years, a huge wave of shocking and unbelievable narratives of sexual harassment, assault and rape of women has taken over social media; An unprecedented move by Iranian women, reminiscent of the #MeToo global movement, which has exposed countless sexual assaults incidents around the world.These narratives are astonishing not only in...

  • James


    Director Lucy Collins - Country: USA

    In a neighborhood of million-dollar houses, James lives in a house that’s falling apart, tending to his plants that threaten to overwhelm his yard and talks of his past as a young gay man who left his home in the Appalachian Mountains to find a new life in Raleigh, NC.

  • Jeepney: A Philippine Icon

    Jeepney: A Philippine Icon

    Director Benjamin Hunt, Andrew Junge, Sarah Kaino, Sam Hartman, Kendyl Rich - Country: USA

    The Jeepney, or Jeep as affectionately called in the Philippines, is the most popular mode of transportation for thousands of daily commuters. This documentary explores the Jeep’s importance in Filipino culture through the eyes of local drivers, passengers, and business professionals who rely on the Jeep in more ways than one.

  • Kanymda Kumiss

    Kanymda Kumiss

    Director Jérémie Reuiller - Country: France

    They say the biking is just a pretext. An excuse to open doors and open minds. Following Fred Horny from Bishkek to the Lenin Peak, Kanymda kumiss is more than a mountain bike movie. It's an adventure. Descending rapid rivers in his packraft, sharing times with nomads while the 30th anniversary of the country's independance, follow the rider ...

  • King


    Director - Country: Germany

    While in rehab, a young man recounts his descent into gambling addiction. The animated documentary “King” offers an intimate insight into a psychological illness that is often overlooked.

  • Korean GENOCIDE

    Korean GENOCIDE

    Director Seung-il Chon - Country: COM_DOCUMENTARIES_TITLE_KoreaSout

    Geumjeonggul in Goyang City, South Korea, was built for the purpose of mining gold during Japanese colonial period and was closed. In October 1950, during the Korean War, in Geumjeonggul, the police massacred hundreds of residents of Goyang without any legal procedures, and buried them deep in layers. And 71 years later, the bereaved families...

  • Kosberg made it

    Kosberg made it

    Director Maksim Ishchenko - Country: Russia

    The story of the people who made the first manned flight into space possible, but remained behind the scenes. The main characters of the film are Semyon Kosberg and other engineers of the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau in Voronezh. They designed and constructed the third stage of the rocket engine, without which Gagarin's spacecraft would ...

  • Light in the Dark

    Light in the Dark

    Director Panagiotis Athinaios - Country: Greece

    It is the story of a person who was born blind, and also can not walk because of a problem with his legs. He spent most of his time in institutions, for people with disabilities, and now he tells us his point of view and thoughts.

  • Lumen


    Director Sarah Seené - Country: Canada

    Lumen (meaning ''light'' in Latin) is a sensory film shot on Super-8 that portrays a young girl with oculocutaneous albinism. Despite the hypersensitivity caused by this genetic disease, the depigmentation of her skin and eyes gives her an extraordinary aura.

  • Maram


    Director Efi Sialevri, Vicky Yiagopoulou - Country: Greece

    Once upon a time, a little girl, Maram, left Yemen with her family seeking for the “Land without sorrows and pains", as they considered Europe. But instead they found themselves staggering in the “Land in between”, living in a refugee camp in Lesvos. This is the story of Maram’s first day at school, when a group of xenophobic people blocked h...

  • Mbondo


    Director - Country: Greece

    Looking for the culprit in the shadows of the Congo. A sip of ‘Mbondo is enough to convict the perpetrator in an endless rotation. The truth lies in the bark of a tree.  The film was shot during the 8th Peloponnese International Documentary Festival in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts and the Hellenic Cinematographers As...

  • Melina


    Director - Country: Italy

    All alone and with an extraordinary amount of willpower, Melina has chosen to undertake a journey into the unknown, sacrificing her own family to defend Holy Mother Earth. The rubbish that has invaded every corner of this world expresses and confirms humanity's actions against nature. Melina's mission is a demiurgic effort to restore light in...

  • Missing Words

    Missing Words

    Director ARISTARCHOS ZISIMATOS - Country: Greece

    Arash and Alireza are two young poets from Persia who came as political refugees το Greece. They tell us about the poetry nights they organized in their country, and they show us how censorship is applied on poetry, but also about the way in which they managed to overcome the obstacle of censorship.



    Director Stelios Demetriou - Country: Cyprus

    "Motive" tells the story of a woman, representative of any individual whose personal space is defined by what would be considered atypical for the majority. The protagonist vitality depends upon sustaining her daily patterns, tasks, and responsibilities toward what she cares for, and above all towards herself. We observe the character's drive...

  • Mugshot


    Director Sara Leticia Valenzuela - Country: Chile

    The documentary short "Mugshot" narrates the personal experience of a young man who was part of the so-called "front line" during the social outbreak of October 18, 2019 in Chile. The film intermixes shots from an interview with audiovisual material recorded on cell phone, GoPro, video camera, as well as TV news footage. The short film was sh...

  • Mukti


    Director Vipul mahagaonkar - Country: India

    MUKTI [Emancipation] Singing for the dead Sambhaji Bansode and his wife live in Dharavi, Mumbai. Their profession is an age-old family tradition of singing bhajans [devotional / spiritual songs] in front of the dead body. They believe the bhajans emancipate the deceased, and brings peace in the family that's left behind. These songs bear the ...

  • My grandpa is a troublemaker

    My grandpa is a troublemaker

    Director menna elbezawy - Country: Egypt

    A documentary about the great Egyptian writer Mahmoud El Saadany who was banished from writing in the era of president El Sadat and decided to leave the country with his kids

  • N'DEYE SECK Griot Woman

    N'DEYE SECK Griot Woman

    Director Sabrina Valente - Country: Senegal

    In Senegal, a woman playing drums is not commonplace. In this short, N'deye Seck -lead percussionist at the Ecole des Sables- shares her trajectory. The story of N'deye intertwines with the Griot culture. Having inherited this rich tradition from her family, the percussionist shares through her narration, the strength, cultural richness and c...

  • Night Lives

    Night Lives

    Director Nafsika Hadjichristou - Country: Cyprus

    Delving into the beauty of life when the sun goes down, this documentary is an intimate portrait of the obsession with nightclubbing culture, amongst Britain’s young generation.

  • Nilo


    Director Zahra Mojahed - Country: Afghanistan

    The life of an Afghan Muslim girl who was forced to leave her homeland due to her interest in dance

  • Oblivion


    Director Evangelos Krikonis - Country: Greece

    Christos was born in a small village in northern Greece named Sklithro. Born in 1927, my grandpa has experienced first-hand the entire modern history of Greece, poverty, World War II, civil war, exile and ideological racism due to his political beliefs when he returned to Greece. In the film he shares the circumastances and stories that marke...

  • Old Gods / New Tides

    Old Gods / New Tides

    Director - Country: Greece

    Samuel Akinola is a Greek performer-actor and musician with Kenyan and Nigerian origins. During his theatrical improvisation, he transforms himself through the use of masks. Samuel perceives and reacts to the stimuli, embarking from his attributes as an actor and performer. Through his theatrical improvisation, he invents his own new language...

  • 'Poliani is nice thanks to all its treasures...'

    'Poliani is nice thanks to all its treasures...'

    Director KONSTANTINOS GOURNAS - Country: Greece

    Looking for the "lost" residence of Papaflessas. A historical retrospect, through a modern confrontation of the experiences of its inhabitants. A space-time of modern Poliani.

  • Portuguese Sea

    Portuguese Sea

    Director Edgar Pêra - Country: Portugal

    Oh salty sea, how much of your salt / Are tears of Portugal! / To get across you, how many mothers cried, / How many sons prayed in vain! // How many brides were never to marry / In order to make you ours, oh sea! / Was it worth it? Everything is worthy / If the soul is not small." (Fernando Pessoa) Eighteen years after Zombietown 23, twelve ...

  • Postponed


    Director ali chakaroun - Country: Lebanon

    the film will delve into the emotions of five women who experienced loss severely, so the pain of waiting and postponed destiny were their common features.

  • Ranch


    Director Mariana Zarpellon - Country: Brazil

    Visiting her Grandmother in Brazil, after years living abroad, Mariana sets out to the farm where she lives. Even though everything looks the same as her childhood memories, more profound changes soon come to light, questioning her memory and the love they share.

  • Rea


    Director ARISTARCHOS ZISIMATOS - Country: Greece

    Αthens 2020 Rea and Aris share an apartment and spend the days of total lockdown, together.

  • Rebetiko Underground

    Rebetiko Underground

    Director Apostolos Polymeris, Georgios Polymeris - Country: Greece

    Rebetiko Underground - A Research on Rebetiko is a short length documentary film about the spread of Rebetiko music and culture through the years in Europe.

  • Rector


    Director Lester Platt - Country: USA

    Mark tells us the story of how he survived that rough ride of being a drug addict, how he found himself fighting to survive, finding friendship and love on the way up.

  • Saman


    Director Sohrab Kavir - Country: Iran

    This film documents Saman’s final attempt to convince his father, an army lieutenant, to get him treatment in America and new development that changes their entire family forever.

  • Seeking for agousa

    Seeking for agousa

    Director - Country: Greece

    The “seeking for  agousa” ( agousa /  Greek ἄγουσα = the path that leads you somewhere) is documenting the “solid moves” which are insinuated within a mystifying atmosphere. Traveling around the Mediterenean, we are presented with the portrait of the creator who is returning to the start point the “Mother land”, seeking for the “Sac...

  • Shaking a Singapore Spear

    Shaking a Singapore Spear

    Director - Country: Singapore

    An animated documentary about the relevance of Shakespeare's classical works for digital natives in Singapore: Live action and animation combined.The film was created in close collaboration with the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon.

  • SKG + DRAG = BFF?

    SKG + DRAG = BFF?

    Director Eleftherios Hajianastasioo - Country: Greece

    The documentary focuses on 4 artists, Kharma Queen, Amelie Tea, Aurora Paola Morado and Dr. Oglie Boss, who describe what it is like to be a Drag Queen-King in the second largest city in Greece. The video consists of interviews and scenes from the performances of our Drag artists, as well as shots of our city. Finally, it focuses on the probl...

  • Small steps

    Small steps

    Director Richard Legaspi - Country: COM_DOCUMENTARIES_TITLE_Phillipines

    “Small Steps” tells about the story of "You-Kalele Kids Zambales," a group of kids from the coastal village of San Felipe. They continuously dream of having a space in the music scene amid their individual limitations and challenges. One of their songs, which is the title of this documentary, focuses on saving the environment and their love f...

  • Sofa: A Warrior's Galloping

    Sofa: A Warrior's Galloping

    Director - Country: Greece

    Michael Afolayan is a visual artist, musician, rapper, theater and circus performer. He also works as an instructor at the model circus school Circus Dayz, where he teaches basic circus techniques, and is the founder of ANASA African Cultural Center, where he teaches West African polyrhythms and promotes arts as a way of communication and emp...

  • Speechless Memory

    Speechless Memory

    Director Rena Danilouli -Katerina karpouzi - Country: Greece

    Kyriaki , descedant of Slavophones of Macedonia in Greece , describes, through family stories and personal experience, the reasons behind her identity quest. Speaking two languages, feeling different emotions about each one , she goes through the family - album pages, allowing us a glimpse at the history of her land.

  • The Aging Land

    The Aging Land

    Director Dimitrios Trompoukis, Giorgos Oikonomou - Country: Greece

    A documentary on the survival of Mastorochoria Konitsa, Greece throughout the years.

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond

    Director Daniel Maurer - Country: Switzerland

    The second wave of Covid significantly increased mortality in hospitals. What does this mean for the work of Mathieu, employed in the morgue of a regional hospital center? How does he relate to these people whose souls have recently left their bodies?

  • The Big Tomato

    The Big Tomato

    Director Christos Adrianopoulos - Country: Greece

    This film is an experimental documentary exploring the directors memories and Astoria before and during the corona virus. The main character is a 73 year old man named Iason. Iason has experienced a painful past, and he is trying to connect his life with the one that Jason from Greek mythology had. Just like Iason, Astoria acts in the same wa...

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    Director Evripidis Karydis - Country: Greece

    Meet Mr. Paschalis, a retired bank clerk from Halkidiki, Greece. Mr Paschalis has a passion for collecting old objects. A real passion! With 2000 objects collected over the last 40 years, he has turned his home into a museum where he transforms into an eccentric tour guide who is always willing to put on a show for his visitors.

  • The First Bi-Communal Project: When Cypriots brought their sh*t together

    The First Bi-Communal Project: When Cypriots brought their sh*t together

    Director Charalambos Drousiotis - Country: Cyprus

    Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world, brutally split in two since 1974. Even though the two communities had been living separately for almost 30 years, with no means of any contact or connection, they have been sharing a common sewage system since. What are the social and political aspects emerging from this first bi-communal coop...

  • The garbage saints

    The garbage saints

    Director Nikos Drosakis - Country: Greece

    Yannis 24th work anniversary as a garbage collector in the trucks of the Keratsini-Drapetsona Municipality (Piraeus, Greece). His daily struggle reveals and the secrets of neighborhoods through their remnants. Life persists, in an environment of homelessness and stray animals, the rubbish dump experience, the terrifying climb in the piles of ...

  • The improvise of Petros Mokas

    The improvise of Petros Mokas

    Director - Country: Greece

    Petros Mokas is a fifth-generation shepherd, living in the mountains of Pindos. He fosters ''Βutsko'', a rare sheep breed that lives and grows in the grasslands of Eastern Tzoumerka on the same mountain range. We follow his life, his music, and his traditions.

  • The Last Photo

    The Last Photo

    Director Mehmet Akif Guler - Country: Turkey

    Abdullah Milhim is a photographer trying to announce by photographing what is going on in the war zone, Syria to the world. Once, he goes to photograph a just bombed region, he sees an aged man inside the ruins. He is influenced deeply by the situation of the aged man who is just standing and crying while people are escaping and wounded are c...

  • The man behind the mountain

    The man behind the mountain

    Director Nektarios Souldatos - Country: Greece

    Yiannis has abandoned the life in the city. He didn't feel anxious about solitude. He preferred to live alone on a mountain. He went to built a shack with his bare hands on the slope - actually clough- of a mountain range that is not accessible by road, in order to ensure his tranquility. Due to the mountainous landscape, the horizon is very ...

  • The Man in the Cloud

    The Man in the Cloud

    Director - Country: Greece

    “I think that's it… I really like being disconnected ... That it’s not  me when I sing ... That I’m not a creature, that I don’t have an identity ... That’s it ...  Like wind ... I like that”.  The man in the cloud is Dimitris Damien Papalampros. Dimitris is an actor, singer and performer and comes from Nigeria and New Orlean ...

  • The Master Brewer

    The Master Brewer

    Director Antti Haase - Country: Finland

    THE MASTER BREWER is a magical comeback story about Leo Andelin, who in 1963 developed the most famous food of Finland - Lapin Kulta beer. A boy from a working class family in remote Tornio, Leo grows up to become the humble gentleman of beer, who passionately nurtures his “northern beer flower”. Leo’s life’s work is destroyed in 2010 when th...

  • The survirver

    The survirver " Hagia Sophia "

    Director TEVFİK HOŞ - Country: Turkey

    Hagia Sophia, the survivor of deadly earthquakes. Hagia Sophia, the battlefield of civilizations, a survirver of riots and wars from ancient to modern times.

  • The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU

    The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU

    Director RODRIGO SENA - Country: Brazil

    Produced in the year 2007, a photographic essay realized in recognition of the indigenous roots, portrayed twelve adolescents belonging to Eleutério do katu, RN Brasil. Twelve years later the photographer returns to katu in search of these protagonists, now adults, to know about his personal trajectories and his world views.

  • The workshop on Kotardou street.

    The workshop on Kotardou street.

    Director Leda Eleni Efstathiou, Aristea Pouli - Country: Greece

    This short documentary presents a small workshop, where mr. Panagiotis creates wooden objects from olive wood.



    Director Sara Stijović - Country: Republic of Montenegro

    The only son of one Montenegrin family has just died in a car accident - they lost head of the family. A poem with tears is heard - a lament. It is sung by his elder sister. Apart from representing mourning, a lament is one of the prerequisites for the dead person’s crossing over to the other side."To beflower marble" is a story of a sister a...

  • Turning Man - 81RPM

    Turning Man - 81RPM

    Director Robin Trouillet - Country: Germany

    Jürgen Leppert, also known as "Der Dreher" or "der Kreisel" is a graduate engineer, speaker inventor, 360 degree dancer, gifted Frisbee player and thoroughbred 68er. Everything revolves around the Karlsruher legend, and not just on the dance floor. A declaration of love to music, dancing and rebellion. A portrait of a tough person who still s...

  • Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in Search of Childhood)

    Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in Search of Childhood)

    Director Khalid Hasan Khan - Country: Pakistan

    Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in Search of Childhood) is a staggering tale of Afghan refugee kids who have been living in Pakistan for over several decades. Darweeza, a Persian boy from the northern Afghanistan has ended up on a shabby sidewalk with his younger brother Bari; while Zaman from the Pashto-speaking, southern region lives wit...

  • Under The Bridge

    Under The Bridge

    Director Nantia Mantesi - Country: Greece

    The film depicts the thoughts and feelings of an engineer on a multi-purpose support vessel, which was executed offshore works -almost still- below the bridge of Rion-Antirion. Her stay at the offshore vessel for about two months is described with the use of still pictures from the vessel and its surroundings and with the muted conversations ...

  • Unmatched socks

    Unmatched socks

    Director Nena Kaloutsikou, Peny Georgiou, Dimitriana Koliou, Evangelia Kantarellou, George Kolokotronis - Country: Cyprus

    The true story of the children of two missing persons of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974. Two young men meet and become inseparable friends during their studies at the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Cyprus. Several years later and without knowing it, it is revealed that apart from their friendship they also hav...



    Director Jer Ju Liao - Country: Taiwan

    At the end of 2019 COVID-19 broke out, and my wife was also diagnosed with "Triple Negative Breast Cancer". The multiple identities of wife, mother, daughter-in-law, daughter, and teacher all belong to the patient's single role in an instant. Through an optimistic perspective, record the process of illness, chemotherapy, and rebirth over the ...

  • Wall of shame

    Wall of shame

    Director Michalis Katsouris - Country: Greece

    Wall of shame is a participative/journalistic documentary. It takes as an excuse a violent attack towards a group of refugees o Lesvos island on 2018 in order to show the ''ugly truth'' of Greek society.

  • Walls of life

    Walls of life

    Director Zoran Djordjevic - Country: Brazil

    This is a movie about limitless human willpower. The documentary will make a cinematographic portrait of the artist Marcos Santos, who was born with cerebral palsy. He has his speech partially impaired, and without the movements of the arms and hands, he paints with his left foot and teaches children in a peripheral and stigmatized neighbourh...

  • Watch Your Step: Vatchemanis

    Watch Your Step: Vatchemanis

    Director George Lampros - Country: Greece

    A short documentary film about the special and unknown to most people profession of Vatchemanis.

  • Waves and Ice

    Waves and Ice

    Director Sabine M. Probst - Country: Iceland

    In the documentary Waves and Ice a filmmaker accompanied five adventurous, nature loving women on their journey through the Icelandic wild, whilst creating stunning images, surfing freezing cold waves, hiking up and snowboarding down mountains, diving icy waters and mastering all obstacles which appear on their way. Most of the women did not ...

  • What Travelers Are Saying About Jornada del Muerto

    What Travelers Are Saying About Jornada del Muerto

    Director - Country: USA

    Residents of and visitors to the Tularosa Basin of New Mexico, site of the first detonation of an atomic bomb, contribute to the production of public memory as they offer logistical advice, philosophical reckonings, and plaintive cries about making "the journey of the dead." Made in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the detonation of nuc...

  • Why I'm A Vegan

    Why I'm A Vegan

    Director Lindsay Hicks - Country: USA

    Why I'm A Vegan is a multimedia short film that explores the musician Moby's journey into veganism and animal rights advocacy.

  • Wildfire


    Director Shyam Karki - Country: Nepal

    A little red panda, a rare species, has become homeless as a result of the recent 16-day wildfire in the Nepali mid-hills, yet one more of a growing number of symptoms of the climate crises that spares no human nor animal.