Live concerts with Navayo Quintet

Creative Documentary Center

During the festival, there will be a few open-air concerts by the band Navayo Quintet and lives on several places around town. Navayo Quintet is a multicultural band and shares with energy and passion the popular musical treasures of the Mediterranean ... from Bulgaria to Egypt through Turkey, Greece and Italy !! In search of an authentic atmosphere, the quintet offers a repertoire based on dance and light or melancholy songs.

Time and place will be announced through our social media pages.

The band is made out of these musicians: 

Akram Chaïb : Clarinet

It was in 2005 that Akram Chaïb discovered and launched his body and soul into the clarinet
through self-education.
His research will mainly focus on free improvisation and style work such as American
Klezmer, Bulgarian Gypsy music or, more recently, West Indies Biguine and Peruvian
His artistic nomadism makes him collaborate with many musicians, circus performers
and contemporary dancers.
Thus, he participates significantly in various performances, recordings or other ephemeral
projects both in France and abroad.


Rémi Foucrier : Violin, Singer

Rémi starts the violin at 6 years old, with an irishman friend of his parents, and in the classical school of music too. At the age of 21 he meets some greek people in Spain, and goes after that to see them again in Greece where he falls in love with the music and the culture. He decides in 2014 to go to live in Greece, where he spent 4 years between Lesbos, Athens and Rethymno. Now he's in France and live as a musician.


Isabel Sokol-Oxman : Gadulka, Violin, Singer

Born in Oregon (US), since 2009 Isabel Sokol-Oxman has made increasingly
frequent and long-term visits to different regions of the Balkans, notably
Transylvania and Thrace where she has studied specific violin techniques,
gadoulka (Bulgarian rebec) and voice. Combining music, a great affinity for
languages, and a deep-seated spirit for research concerning the music and
languages of the Balkans, Isabel continues to work with musicians from the
alternative folk scene in Sofia, Athens, and Brussels. She lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Fabien Dubuy : Guitar, Laouto

Fabien is a self-taught musician, he started playing the guitar at the age of 17. He was first introduced to Balkan traditional and popular music by people from this region and later developed the style as an accompanist in various bands.
In addition to the guitar, Fabien trained in Bulgarian tambura with Vladimir Vladimirov, professor at the Academy of Arts in Plovdiv and founded the group Banitsa in 2017.
Today, Fabien is also active in several Greek music projects, on guitar or laouto, for instance Kaïmaklis trio (Rebetiko) and Navayo trio (traditional music).


Paul Balas : Accordion

Paul began playing accordeon around the age of 10 with the teacher Ivan Kara . After spent five years studying mathematics, he decided too quit in order to devote himself to the music. Since then, he formed or joined several group and is now a full time musician.


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