Opening Ceremony 8th Peldocfest

Creative Documentary Center

On 8th April at 21:00 the opening ceremony of the 8th Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival with the screening of the out-of-competition documentary "My grandfather, Papaflessas" by Cleoni Flessa. The documentary was produced by The Prefecture of Peloponnese and was executive produced by the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata. At the ceremony, we will have the director and the animator Babis Alexiadis present along with representatives of the Prefecture.


A tender look at the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Papaflessas traveled to Constantinople in the age of enlightenment and romanticism, and became a member of the revolutionary organization “Filiki Eteria” (Society of Friends), taking on the task of inciting his compatriots against the Ottoman Empire. What sets the heroes apart? Can their mistakes be justified?

22:30 - Jazz concert by Arionas Gyftakis: double bass and Gabriele Milozzi: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone

Arion Gyftakis's duet with Gabriele Milozzi will be influenced by the music of the documentary, in the modern aesthetic environment of jazz music. In such a duet the harmonious spaces are particularly open due to the fact that there is no instrument that clearly betrays the harmony. The musicians will take advantage of it by creating interesting harmonious spaces on which they will improvise.


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