The cold peace - Is war really over in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Εχει όντως τελειώσει ο πόλεμος στην Βοσνία – Ερζεγοβίνη;

In November 1995, the Dayton Agreement stopped the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it did not build a real peace. A quarter century after the end of the 1992-1995 conflict, a filmmaker, a cooperator and a writer went looking for conflict’s witnesses, the same people who, after the signature of the peace agreement of 1995, rolled up their sleeves in order to rebuild a country, but instead of it, the country became prisoner of nationalism, corruption, poverty and hatred, in a society put to the test by grief and neglect. Jovan Divjak, Pero Sudar, Amor Mašović, Staša Zajović, Bakira Hašečić, Kanita Fočak, Jacob Finci, Dervo Sejdić, Selma Hadziha lilović, Ifeta Mejremić and the youth of today speak the truth about the war, the return to peace, the difficulties, the hopes and the disappointments of today's Bosnia and Herzegovina. From Sarajevo to Bratunac, via Belgrade, from Višegrad to Srebrenica, protagonists’ voices follow each other, overcoming cultural affiliations, to tell individual and family tragedies: life during the war, hateful ethnic rapes, the genocide of Srebrenica and the one of Višegrad that has never been recognized, the loss of family members, of the home, of work, of any certainty; the end of a world, of a life. A quarter century later, Bosnia and Herzegovina has still to deal with the weight of the conflict. On present and future are appearing dark clouds, again. But listening to the film protagonists, there is still something instilling hope of change in Bosnia-Herzegovinians. Listening to their voices, a lot can be learnt…

Director: Marcella Menozzi

Writer: Andrea Cortesi, Luca Leone

: ISCOS Emilia Romagna onlus

Runtime: 59´

Country of Origin: Italy

Year: 2019

Screenings:  Tripoli 19/1 (18:30), Kalamata 23/1 (16:00), Patra 23/1 (18:30)

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