SUDAMÉRICA -Τα Χίλια Χρώματα της Ζωής

SUDAMÉRICA - The Colors of Life

 A documentary inspired by a 17.135km journey of the Greek NGO ‘Green Project’, from Colombia to the Land of Fire. From the Colombian coffee plantations to the Equadorian Amazon, from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia, to Brazil’s Pantanal, the largest wetland on the planet, from Buenos Aires to the glaciers of Patagonia and southern Chile, to finally reach the colonies of sea lions and cormorants in Ushuaia, in the Land of Fire, at the southernmost end, where the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans meet. .

*  The documentary was recently awarded the El Rey: El Espíritu de España award at the Barcelona International Film Festival / BIFF 2019.



Director: Dimitra Zirou

: Yannis Tzortzis

Runtime: 105´

Παραγωγή: Green Project

Country of Origin: Greece

Year: 2018


  • Tripoli 19/1 (19:30)
  • Kalamata 20/1 (21:00)
  • Patra 24/1 (21:30)
  • Sparti 25/1 (19:45)
  • Amaliada 26/1 (21:00)