The submissions for the 6th Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival are concluded.

Το φεστιβάλ θα διεξαχθεί 17 με 27 Ιανουαρίου 2020



Terms and Conditions

·        In order to participate in the programme of the festival and -in particular- in the competition section, the documentaries must meet the following conditions:

Ø  The film must be a production of the last two years

Ø  The film must not be available for free online viewing on the Internet (youtube, vimeo etc)

Ø  The film must not​ have been screened by public or private TV.

Ø  The film must not have been distributed on dvd/bluray

·        Each director can submit multiple films, but, eventually, he/she will participate in the program of the festival with only one film, except for those directors for whom the festival hosts a tribute.

·        The films submitted will be evaluated by a five-member committee and the selected ones will be announced on October 15. The Director consents to the screening of his documentary in the venues of the network of the 6thης International Peloponnisos Documentary Festival. The venue and the exact screening date and time of all the films of the festival are determined by the artistic Director of the festival.


·        In case the film is selected, the Director is to provide the festival with the necessary advertising (posters, trailers) and informative (credits, participation, awards) material, in English and Greek. The copy of the film to be screened should be subtitled (the foreign productions in Greek and all the greek and non english-speaking productions in English) and delivered to the festival by 30 October 2019. In case of no greek subtitles -, the director is asked to provide an English synchronized subtitle and is charged for the greek translation with a fee ranging from 30 to 40 euros (depending on the length of the film).


·        If the director/producer fails to supply the required as described above until October 30th, his/her participation is cancelled.


The Festival bestows 2 awards (worth of 1.000 euros)

2 audience awards for the best Greek and international documentary


The festival covers the transfer expenses from Athens to Kalamata for all the guest directors from abroad, as well as their accommodation expenses for 3 nights. For Greek directors, the Festival covers the expenses for one (1) overnight stay.


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