Four strangers, who would never meet in real life, enter into dialogue and draw an intimate portrait of an Indian society in turbulent times.

As a Muslim, Jiaul strives for mutual respect and equality of religious minorities, while Ram, member of the highest Hindu caste and nevertheless living in poverty, is eager to uphold traditional Hindu values. 

The homeless drug dealer Manoj finds in his lovesickness distraction from his daily struggle for survival, while the young student Tashi has difficulties coming to terms with her role as a woman in the Indian society. The sudden demonetization plunges the whole country into chaos.

What beliefs rule their everyday lives?

Which social attributes determine whose word is heard and whose not?

How do people – whose paths would never cross in real life – interact in a cinematic space, where as many signs of their belonging as possible have been stripped off? 

Director: Laura Kansy, Oskar Zoche

Writer: Laura Kansy, Oskar Zoche

: Laura Kansy, Oskar Zoche

Runtime: 75´

Country of Origin: Germany

Year: 2019


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