Sleeping in ruins

Ύπνος πάνω στα χαλάσματα

This documentary starts with 14 years old Abdulla, and his horse Zuzu, he drives around the city and with them we discover Mosul. ruins, crowd, unhappy faces, handicaps, and abandoned horses. First horse with visible bones through its skin left there near a mosque its walls full of bullet holes.

It tells story of ordinary people from city of Mosul, they were there when ISIS seized the city and lost part of their lives and beloved, they were there when libration war started and lost some more lives and some more beloved. War has touches them with its brutal fingers. Now Mosul is liberated since July 2017 But still its citizens spending their days among small of dead corpses and night in ruins. As if post war period is just another chapter in their book of suffering

Director: Horen Ghareeb, Hardi Qadir Ibrahim

Writer: Hardi Qadir Ibrahim, Horen Ghareeb

: Horen Ghareeb

Runtime: 68´

Country of Origin: Iraq

Year: 2019

Screenings:  Αργος 18/1 (18:00), Ξυλόκαστρο 25/1 (19:30), Τρίπολη 20/1 (18:30), Πάτρα 20/1 (18:30), Καλαμάτα 22/1 (15:00)

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