This film tells the tale of men and women that we look at with difficulty. They are our fellows, but at the same time we observe them from the corner of the eye because we lack the courage to look at them in the face. This film gives voice to the destroyed faces, identities riddled with chance or destiny. Malformed figures from birth, faces ravaged by the accidents of life. How does one live under the weight of difference? What can the most disturbing singularity tell us about our common humanity?

This film is a face to face. A face to face between the characters and the viewer, but also between the characters and themselves. Scars takes place in the mythical French photography studio "Harcourt" which, since 1934, has seen some of the biggest movies stars. A temple of glamour, a sanctuary of beauty. During a photo shoot, each character of this film will have a chance to recapture the look on themselves. An opportunity to get revenge while they’re not looked at with respect and consideration.

Director: Didier Cros

Writer: Didier Cros

: Felicie Roblin–Zadig Production

Runtime: 66´

Country of Origin: France

Year: 2018

Screenings:  Kalamata 21/1 (16:00)

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