Riders of Destiny

Riders of Destiny
Two child jockeys, five and seven years old, living on an isolated island in Indonesia practice every day in truly appalling conditions, striving for victory in the national horse races. Reaching speeds of 70 km/h, without the proper gear, lacking even a saddle, the two underage riders risk getting crippled if not killed. A journey along a one-track minded destiny and a fast-track loss of innocence.  

Director: Michael Niermann

: Ansgar Pohle

Runtime: 88′

Country of Origin:  Germany

Year: 2019

Screenings:  Gytheio19/1 (19:30), Patra 19/1 (20:00),  Tripoli 21/1 (18:00),  Kalamata 25/1 (16:00), Amaliada 25/1 (21:15)

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