Nicoletta Nesler at the 5th Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival

Nicoletta Nesler, guest of the 5th International Documentary Film Festival of the Peloponnese, which was held last January, talks about her documentary, Lunadigas, and about her collaboration with Marilisa Piga, which started in Rai radio studios in Cagliari (1991); for RaiTre Channel TV they making a series of documentary about disabilities (1994-96).

In Kalamata, she presented her film about women in Italy who choose not to have children. The word lunàdigas comes from the Sardinian language and it is used by the shepherds to define the sheep that don't reproduce. 

The authors and directors Nicoletta Nesler and Marilisa Piga have chosen this word as title of their movie about women that haven't children because in Italian language there isn't a word to define them: all the names are the negations: "without children", "not mothers". Lunàdigas is a word that affirms and confirms, with auto irony, the existence and the identity of those women that are also felt complete without having children, challenging stereotypes, common places and senses of guilt. 

Lunàdigases are the women protagonists of the movie realized through the personal histories of each woman that, immediately, become universal. Lunàdigas speaks about the condition less explored of these women and about the reasons socially stigmatized: to choose not to be mother is a persistent taboo. Lunàdigas proposes to show it and to contribute to overcome it.

Finaly, Nicoletta reveals that her next work will be the "Lunadigas" of the world, while she says that in Kalamata she felt like home and explains why.

Credits: Thomas Kunstler, Yorgos Potagas.

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