Music for Ordinary Life Machines

Music for Ordinary Life Machines

From Choris Perideraio and Anti to Human Puppets and Regressverbot. From In Trance 95 and Alive She Died, to Selofan and Doric. The underground Greek 80’s scene, where new wave and punk was expressed via synthesizers, becomes the starting point for MFOLM in order for it to capture the musical subculture in Greece that left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who fell in love with the ''machines''. 

A concise documentation of Minimal Synth and Synthpunk scene in Greece since the 80's, starring the synthesizers, the rhythmboxes and the guys who loved them

  • The documentary will be presented by the director-screenwriter and longtime collaborator of the Festival ,Dimitris Bavellas. Then there will be a dj set of both of them playing synth-pop at the Rockbar Kyttaro, in the Historical Center of Kalamata.

Director/Writer/: Nikos Chatzis

Runtime: 112´

Country of Origin: Greece

Year: 2018


Kalamata 25/1 (20:30)

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