•  HERCULES of the 21st Century

    HERCULES of the 21st Century

    Director Panagiotis Athinaios - Country: Greece

    A person who wonders himself, in Athens, Greece of today, as Hercules, making appearances as Hercules, making movies as Hercules, photographed by tourists as Hercules. A comparison with the legend of ancient Hercules and the Hercules of today.

  • Light in the Dark

    Light in the Dark

    Director Panagiotis Athinaios - Country: Greece

    It is the story of a person who was born blind, and also can not walk because of a problem with his legs. He spent most of his time in institutions, for people with disabilities, and now he tells us his point of view and thoughts.

  • Mugshot


    Director Sara Leticia Valenzuela - Country: Chile

    The documentary short "Mugshot" narrates the personal experience of a young man who was part of the so-called "front line" during the social outbreak of October 18, 2019 in Chile. The film intermixes shots from an interview with audiovisual material recorded on cell phone, GoPro, video camera, as well as TV news footage. The short film was sh...

  • Mukti


    Director Vipul mahagaonkar - Country: India

    MUKTI [Liberation] Singing for the dead Sambhaji Bansode and his wife live in Dharavi, Mumbai. Their profession is an ancient family tradition, to sing bhajans [devotional/spiritual songs] in front of the dead body. They believe that the bhajans release the deceased and bring peace to the family that has been left behind. These songs carry th...

  • N'DEYE SECK Griot Woman

    N'DEYE SECK Griot Woman

    Director Sabrina Valente - Country: Senegal

    In Senegal, a woman playing drums is not ordinary. In this short period of time, N'deye Seck - the leading percussionist at the Ecole des Sables - shares her path. N'deye's story intertwines with Griot culture. Having inherited this rich tradition from her family, the percussion musician shares through her narrative, the strength, cultura...

  • Nilo


    Director Zahra Mojahed - Country: Afghanistan

    The life of an Afghan Muslim girl who was forced to leave her homeland due to her interest in dance

  • Poliani is nice thanks to all its treasures...

    Poliani is nice thanks to all its treasures...

    Director KONSTANTINOS GOURNAS - Country: Greece

    In search of the "lost" residence of Papaflessas. A historical retrospective, through a contemporary confrontation of the experiences of its inhabitants. A space-time of modern Poliani.  

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond

    Director Daniel Maurer - Country: Switzerland

    The second wave of Covid significantly increased mortality in hospitals. What does this mean for the work of Mathieu , who works in the morgue of a regional hospital center? How does it relate to those people whose souls have recently left their bodies?

  • Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in Search of Childhood)

    Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in Search of Childhood)

    Director Khalid Hasan Khan - Country: Pakistan

    Twinkling without Shining (Afghans in Search of Childhood) is a staggering tale of Afghan refugee kids who have been living in Pakistan for over several decades. Darweeza, a Persian boy from the northern Afghanistan has ended up on a shabby sidewalk with his younger brother Bari; while Zaman from the Pashto-speaking, southern region lives wit...


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