Maid in Hell (Why Slavery Series)

Υπηρέτρια στην Κόλαση

Maids coming to the Middle East are locked up for years and with their passports confiscated, they are unable to escape the control of their employer. With unprecedented access to agents and maids the film uncovers an unknown world. 

35-year old Mary Kibwana is just one of thousands of women who lived through hell working as a domestic helper in Jordan. She is a mother of four and was lucky to return to her home in Kenya. She arrived in a wheelchair with 70% of her body burned. Two months later she died. Harassment, abuse, rape and 18-hour work days are the reality for domestic helpers who have travelled to the Middle East to find employment. 

Trapped in the Kalafa system, their passports are confiscated and they risk harsh punishments or imprisonment if they dare to flee. Following who vividly describe the trade, as well as maids who share their harrowing experiences Maid In Hell gives unique access to this brutal form of modern slavery. 

Maid In Hell, together with other 5 documentaries, is part of Why Slavery“, a worldwide media campaign produced by The Why, with the aim of raising awareness about the scale of modern day slavery and human trafficking still in place today.

Director: Søren Klovborg

Writer: Mette Heide

: Mette Heide for The Why Foundation

Runtime: 59´

Country of Origin: Denmark

Year: 2018

Screenings: Kalamata 18/1 (14:00)

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