Contemporary world is dominated by the power of the image and the messages which it transmits to the conscious and the subconscious part of mind. In a world without vision, without images, does the message of image weakens or it still dominates? Does blindness lead to a rejection of stereotypical social models? Do blind people see through “different eyes”? What are their dreams about and what are they dreaming for? Α small treatise on the existence of image versus the non-existence of it.

Nikos Kontizas has worked as a lawyer, specialized in banking and economics law towards international transactions. He started his career in New York. At 47 he finally decided to work on cinema, his first love and studied in SAE school of Athens. Along with cinema he has been acting in theater productions and has been a part of numerous photography exhibitions.

Director: Nikos Kontizas

Writer: Nikos Kontizas

: Nikos Kontizas, Nikos Maragoudakis, Michalis Fotiou

Runtime: 13´

Country of Origin: Greece

Year: 2018


Kalamata 20/1 (19:00)

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